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COSMOS, CONSCIOUSNESS, MEANING is a session, online, on-demand program. In this course, the philosopher Alexis Karpouzos explore consciousness, science, and the ultimate nature of Cosmos. This course probes the role that consciousness plays in our perception and understanding of the universe.

Join us and dig deep into the topics of quantum mechanics, existence, and infinite potential!

Cosmos: How vast is our universe? How did it begin? Is it fine-tuned for life? What's Fundamental in the Cosmos? How is the Cosmos Constructed? How do Particles Explain the Cosmos? Are there Extra Dimensions? Could our universe be a fake? Why do we search for symmetry? What is the far future of our universe? Are there multiple universes? What is time? Is time travel possible? What is the relationship between science and religion.

Consciousness: What is consciousness, our inner awareness? Why is it so mysterious? What is the mind-body problem? Can brain explain mind? What is the self? Do we have free will? How does personal identity persist through time?

Meaning: Is there purpose in the cosmos? What causes religious belief? What is God? What are alternative concepts of God? Can God be proven or disproven? What are God’s traits? Did God create evil?

This course is centered around the research interests and thoughts of the Writer and Thinker Alexis Karpouzos.The topics focus on the role that consciousness plays in our experience of the universe.

All courses can watch either live by participating, either in audio/video on demand at any time that suits you. Additional readings, videos, podcasts, powerpoints, lectures and images will be provided on our website or emailed to you. We will send out a weekly email to all participants. Live Discussions will be held online on weekends, to help you to participate at a convenient time. Asynchronous Discussions will be available to those who cannot join in live. All web conferencing platforms benefit if you have have a good headset (Skype and google hangout style), and a good connection.

Course features:

In-depth articles

Additional videos

Instructive learning

On-demand, self-paced format

Ability to submit questions



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