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Alexis karpouzos Course is my new course and on-line course, based on my many years of research and thinking on the relationship between time and soul, the universe and history, the conscious and the unconscious, life and death. I wish the Lesson that it will serve as a model for similar multidisciplinary courses at universities, colleges, and other institutions of learning. From the beginning of planning the Alexis karpouzos Course, one of Alexis’ goals has been to, eventually, build up a global network of individuals and institutions who explore, practice, and teach the relationshp between metaphysics and science.

The courses consist of lectures and forums


The lectures consists of twelve pre-recorded lectures, with one new lecture being posted each week. Each lecture is about 60 minutes long and is supplemented with downloadable written and visual materials. The course includes exclusive online discussion forums in which Alexis karpouzos will participate. Each lecture will have an associated Forum where you can post your comments and questions, and discuss the themes and ideas that Alexis karpouzos introduces, both with Alexis karpouzos himself and your fellow course participants. These discussions will help develop the thinking abilities in a multi-disciplinary environment with participants from a range of backgrounds and competencies. Participants are encouraged to post their own real-world case studies, projects and initiatives as well as insights gained as the course progresses.


All students will be able to fully interact both with alexis karpouzos and other participants, posting comments and questions, and sharing materials via the course forums. The number of participants will be limited to 100, to allow high-quality interactions in our discussions.


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