Code of Conduct

Courtesy and respect go hand in hand(top)
At, we do not tolerate any insults, slander, threats, or other expressions that may offend, intimidate, or otherwise adversely affect others. We expect all members to speak politely and respect each other.
Financial interests are OK, but please be fair ( top )
Although it is not the primary purpose of our community, it is permissible to pursue financial interests on However, this must be appropriately marked in the profile, regardless of which services are advertised.
No third-party advertising and links to other pages ( top )
Publishing web addresses and referrals to other sites, whether social networks or even competing sites, are not allowed on The only exception here is the information platform Wikipedia. You can rely on Wikipedia as a source of knowledge in your quotations or exchanges.
No immoral offers ( top )
By immoral offers we understand the offer of a sum of money or a gift of a donation, if the contacted member has no status "financial interests". The type of attention that is asked for is not decisive. Gestures of this kind are not tolerated on
Protecting personal information is important ( back to the top )
For your own protection, we prevent any public distribution of contact data, such as mail or postal addresses, telephone numbers, messenger information or even bank details, etc. As we can not guarantee their security and can not rule out misuse , we are forced to stop publishing them.
We adhere to the laws ( top )
As the operator of a responsible adult community, we only accept content that does not violate applicable laws or common decency. In addition to illegal content in the sense of protection of minors, this also means infringements of trademark rights or third-party rights. Violations of laws are verified by us and then addressed accordingly, depending on the degree of urgency.
Only your content is yours ( to the beginning )
Images and videos that are not yours or do not show you are prohibited on Please upload only content that belongs to you and only you can see on it. Therefore, individuals should not upload content that has more than one person on it. Likewise, the sexes of the persons depicted may only correspond to the gender in profile. If you use quotes or information that is not from you, please include the author or source of information you refer to. If we view uploaded content (images, videos or text) as bogus or expropriated, you are in the burden of proof to submit that the people depicted are actually you and quotations that it is your own work. If you can not provide the appropriate proof of authenticity, one of the possible measures is the deletion of the uploaded content.

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