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A form of so-called geomancy – a practice that interprets patterns to divine certain outcomes – feng shui is concerned with the arrangement of the surrounding environment to improve harmony. Essentially, it is concerned with energy forces that run through all things. By rearranging the way particular objects are interacted with in daily life, the art is supposedly able to bring about a better harmony between people and their environments. In its earliest incarnations, feng shui was used to work out the best way to orientate a building, for example. These days, especially in Western interpretations of the practice, it is focussed on interior design. However, feng shui gets into many more aspects of the built and planned environment than simply working out the most propitious way to arrange your furniture.
There are numerous diets that are described as being low carb. Essentially, they all suggest the same thing – namely, that the amount of high carbohydrate foods that go into a conventional diet are reduced. In practical terms, this means cutting down on starchy foods like bread, pasta or potatoes. However, it will also often mean that simpler carbohydrates in sugars are reduced. Conversely, foods which have a low carb content can be eaten in greater quantities to make up the same – or close – calorie intake of the individual concerned. Some of these diets place a heavy emphasis on upping the amount of protein that is consumed while others focus on higher amounts of fibrous vegetables. Scientific studies have found that following a low carb diet will help with weight loss, but they have few health benefits to offer other than that.
Sometimes referred to as nondualism, non duality is often referred to as a mature or heightened sense of consciousness. In most areas of human consciousness, any person is thinking about themselves and their relationship with the world, their spirituality and the wider universe. However, this necessarily means there is a dichotomy between the person and everything else, according to adherents of non duality. When a state of nondualism is achieved, the 'I' is transcended and a sense of consciousness is created in which no such dichotomies are present. In other words, non duality is consciousness which transcends any sense of individuality, and that is at one with the universe.