Minimalism is a great way to unclutter your life, gain more space, and also deal with less stress.'s Tine Steiss shares her simple rules of minimalism, and – like the practice itself – they are pretty minimal too!

Minimalism is a great way of making space for the new year; for change, personal growth and development. Here's how to unclutter your life and make room to breathe and to be yourself. Think about your belongings like this:
  • Everything needs to have a purpose.
  • It can either be beautiful or useful or both.
  • It is beautiful if you look at it several times a week and it makes you smile.
  • It is useful if you use it several times a week.


Put the other things in a box. Put the box aside for some weeks. You can take things you need out again.

After some weeks, label the box and put it away.Take it out after several months. If you haven’t opened the box meanwhile, donate it without opening it again.

You will create space in your life. You will establish character, time and priorities and most of all, by sticking with the useful and beautiful, you will become more yourself with less. Let go of the old – make space for something new! 

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Written by Tine Steiss

tine.jpgTine is part of the team. She's an artist, meditator, media engineer and MBSR teacher. If she's not traveling she's working on turning her rooftop terrace into a garden paradise. Find out more about her on: Instagram.



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