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Yoga is mostly misinterpreted as an exercise . “Yoga” literally means union. The whole existence is one energy and the principles of Yoga are created to make us experience this. Yoga is something that we carry with us in every moment of life.

During this session in English, we will go through the different principles of Yoga which can help you to break this illusion that we are separate from the whole existence. In this session, we will not be focusing on the physical aspect of Yoga much . Hence, this session is not for people who are trying to cure their back ache or lose weight. We will be discussing ways and techniques to reach higher state of meditativeness , to bring in focus and concentration in your daily life .

We will be going through the 8 principles of Yoga and how to apply this in your daily life.

We would like to create a sacred space where people can share their beautiful energy and feel like home.
The space is restricted to 10 people. Hence kindly book in Advance by sending me a PM

Things to Bring
Yoga Mat
Your beautiful Energy and Smile

Things to Remember
Please be on time , As the session goes with a flow , once we start the session , We won't be able to receive people in between the session.
Please keep your stomach light without eating atleast 4hrs before the session as we will be focusing on Meditation. Also kindly not consume MEAT atleast 24hours before the session.

Minimum Donation : 10 euros



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