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Volunteer workshop to learn to ride a trishaw. It is part of the global movement Cycling Without Age.


Cooperative with a social economy centred model. They are working democratically with a vocation for service, social and environmental commitment. They promote the bicycle as a means of ecological, economic, healthy transport and sustainable mobility.

Biciclot works with social entities, schools, institutes, educational centres, public administrations and individuals by offering mechanics courses, courses to learn to ride a bike and safe circulation and a self-repair space.

Biciclot works with children, educating and raising awareness about safe circulation with school activities and educational campaigns.

They work for the socio-labour insertion of young people and adults doing occupational training and work practices.
They collect used bicycles, repair them and put them back into circulation with the second-hand market and making donations of a social nature.

We work for people, offering courses aimed at adults: mechanics courses for bike maintenance, reuse and recycling, with participatory proposals offering self-repair space, classes to learn to ride a bike and learn to circulate, guided routes and walks to discover Barcelona differently.

They believe in quality tourism in which the bicycle is the ideal tool to discover the city. The organised itineraries make it possible to enjoy the visit in an agile, fun, safe and respectful way with the environment.

They are also a chapter of the global program Cycling Without Age ( where volunteers get trained to take one or two elderly or less-abled people out on a bike ride.


Public Places: Parks, Lakes, Beaches, Sights, Squares in the area

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    All levels welcome! Please bring your own mat and something warm in case the wind picks up. Message me on Instagram @zedioulde
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