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Yoga con Gracia Espacio Norte

Yoga con Gracia offers two unique spaces where students can come to practice yoga in a calm, serene environment. The point is to give all students a great experience, whether you're new to the concept of yoga or have practised for years. Newbie or not, the most crucial thing in yoga is to have a beginner's mind, be honest with yourself, and find your own rhythm. There's no need to bring equipment to the classes; Yoga con Gracia Espacio Norte offers all students mats, blankets, and cushions to use during the lessons.

All classes at Yoga con Gracia are open level classes, meaning you might find yourself next to someone more advanced than you are. However, yoga isn't about comparing oneself to others, so focus on yourself and listen to your limitations. It's recommended to arrive fifteen minutes before the class starts and to reduce any disruptiveness of the class, the door closes fifteen minutes after the class starts, so be on time!

Yoga con Gracia Espacio Norte offers yoga classes Monday to Friday from morning to evening, and on weekend mornings only. Students can choose from all kinds of yoga classes such as two types of Hatha yoga, Kundalini, Sivananda, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, and Yin. There's also pre and postnatal classes to which students can bring their little ones. Expecting mothers are welcome to join the prenatal yoga classes at Yoga Con Gracia as soon as they've gone three months into their pregnancy until the very last day. There is no need to have taken yoga classes before!

For slightly older children, Yoga con Gracia also has Mini yoga classes once a week, cleverly held at the same time as a regular yoga class for parents. Yoga con Gracia also offers workshops and special events, as well as training for yoga teachers in teaching pre and postnatal yoga classes.

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