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Is it possible to develop a critical and committed environmental awareness from a chair inside a classroom? If the main challenge facing the society of 2019 is the harmonious relationship with the rest of living beings, we have to solve urgently the problems of an educational system that turns its back on the environment. The new actions in the field of ecopedagogy propose living experiences that connect us again with nature and the territory to learn to relate to the planet in a sustainable way, which enables our life and that of other living beings in the long term.

From this vision, our summer school of the 2019 edition is a proposal that aims to rethink and transform the current educational system through ecoeducation and ecofeminism. A paradigm shift where contemporary art coupled with green pedagogies make it possible to expand learning contexts, as well as to detect, analyze and transform the environmental problems that surround us, to develop an authentic environmental conscience.

For this we propose a three-day immersion in which we will analyze the crucial role of environmental pedagogies in educational innovation, we will see what they can offer us and we will learn together to apply them in our daily activities.

We will have artists and activists from the world of ecopedagogy, who will bring us closer to their practices and experiences. We will carry out four workshops, three collective actions and a meeting table that will specify these ideas in our methodologies, contents, spaces and relationships. We will review our visible and invisible habits, giving us the tools to transform our practice and be agents in a paradigm shift of education that will finally build a sustainable society.


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