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The fine art of being:
learn, practice, share is a non-profit that aims to empower you to find purpose, contentment and greater well-being. Here are six of our key highlights:

Free Access to Innovative Education

The happiness Academy offers a wide range of innovative courses on relevant subjects around happiness, growth and spirituality. Get in touch with highly qualified teachers and gain access to cutting-edge topics and resources.

Collaboration, Mutual Support and Inspiration

Learning and sharing are key components of Support and inspire other community members through discussion in the forums. Explore and discuss your ideas and interests in a safe and supportive environment.

Be a Seeker, Student and Teacher

Learn more about happiness, well-being and personal growth through the online happiness magazine. Read, discuss, and explore your wisdom with others. Deepen your understanding of what you've learned by being a mentor in your field of expertise.

Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain-based cryptocurrency – the HAPPY token – establishes a new value network. The value of the currency is based on the actual increase in happiness created by members.

Connect Globally and Grow Locally

Connect with a global community and meet up live and in person with local members. Around every corner you'll find fresh, new events and places to meet-up. All waiting for you to join – free of charge!

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