Welcome to the Happiness.com Press Area

happiness.com provides a platform to grow and learn with the support of the community.


This community brings together people who are looking for a greater understanding of themselves and others. Our members meet at happiness.com to learn, discuss, practice and teach together.


The site started in 2017 with a simple magazine on the topics of mental health, mindfulness, emotional development and happiness research, as these topics are very important to us and are always present in our everyday lives. After a year, the desire to create a community came together to not only share the knowledge, but also to be inspired by others, to support each other, and to make the deep social benefits of these topics easier to experience for a larger group of interested parties to do.


At happiness.com, some of the basic features include; using the forum and the university, are profiling profiles, writing messages, and using video and text chat. Plus members have access to a few more features, but above all they support this project through their monetary contribution. However, Project happiness.com is born from the contribution of every single user. Be it contributions in the forum, in personal conversations with others, or at courses and events. The aim of happiness.com is simply to create a platform through which the exchange of knowledge and mutual support can succeed better.


In order to ensure the highest possible security and seriousness, there is German support in Berlin, which is responsible for all small and large concerns as well as the comprehensive care of the members.


happiness.com was founded as a family business by three brothers David, Julius and Robby Dreyer. Human values ??are a top priority for the company. 


Not only are we curious, but we’re also nerdy. We occasionally send out surveys to our members to find out what everyone is up to in their own worlds. If you need some information for a story, let us know and we can find out for you.