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Badly struggling with studies


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Hello Moezzahh


First please accept my condolences for the loss of your dad. I lost my dad at 15, although we weren`t that close it still hit hard, although i wasn`t sitting any exams.


I can`t give you advice on how to deal with the loss of your dad, as everyone deals with the grieving process differently.


The only advice i can offer is to tell your teachers of your loss, and see if they can help you in anyway i.e. deferring taking your test until you`re in a better headspace, however long that might be.


Academically, i wasn`t gifted, but worked hard and got several degrees including a Masters. Exams were the one thing i dreaded but always passed. One thing i credit this to is using mindmaps, which i have attached a link to.


With exams being timed, i found doing a quick mindmap helped he come up with things that i could use. This could help you focus on the key issues.


Below are some links which gives you an insight on mindmaps with links to download.


These won`t help you grieve, but if you have to take tests they can hopefully help you.


Stay safe




mind maps 2.png

Mindmaps 1.jpg

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Learn to accept everything. What life is giving to you.

When the day is new, Thought process should be new, One day we all will pass away, No matter



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