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Why is my best friend's girlfriend like this?


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I think it is important to look at this from all the different point of views.


You told us about your's already.


Her point of view is having a boyfriend who spends most of the time with a different girl and she is complaining about that. And if she cares about him, she would like to know what's going on in his life and of course she doesn't like to be excluded or to be used for sex only.

In her position she should probably end the relationship and look for someone who loves her as much as she loves him at the moment if she is confident enough.


His point of view is probably pretty great, since he has 2 jealous girls fighting for his attention. But he is neither confident enough to end his current relationship nor to start a relationship with the girl he spends the most time with, which is you.


So she is haveing sex with him hoping for a real relationship and you are gigivng him a lot of attention (maybe) trying to get into a real relationship with him.

So both of you are used and none of you is confident enough to make him decide.

But ironically you dont even fight him, but you fight each other.

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Maybe it's because she's not old enough yet.

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