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I'm new here - I'm aiming to change my Life!


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Hello guys,


So Happy to be part of your wounderful community, I'm glad to be here.


I'm coming straight from a different great community related to another aspect of self improvement. 


Anyhow, I would like and love to start a New Journey in Self Development. I hope that I'll provide a lot to this community.


I want to start practicing Meditation so that I can improve my Focus! I"ll do my best and improve my mind little by little.


I must say that I have anxiety issues sometimes, especially when i get a lots of problems, my brain kind of shuts down and start catastrophing everything, I'm looking to improve that by immediatly seeking the solution not thinking about the outcomes!


Anyways I said a lot! I'm Happy to be with you here - And I'll stay here probably for long time!


I'm from Africa, Morocco.


#The best is yet to come!

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I have a few other questions please:


Where can I write a Meditation Journal Thread ?


Where can I track down my daily progress of Meditation Thread ?


Thanks alot!

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