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Emotional sailing, looking for a life partner

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Hi, I'm Amelia. I hope that through this platform, I can find a partner who suits me and spends my life together. Here's some info about me and what to expect from a future partner:

Personal information: I am 35 years old, 170cm tall, hold a master's degree, and I am the CEO.

Appearance characteristics: I have an ordinary appearance and a well-proportioned figure.

Interests: I love the outdoors, especially hiking and photography. I also like to read, watch movies, enjoy the charm of music and art.

Values and attitude towards life: I value family, be honest and trustworthy, and pursue my career. I hope to grow together with my partner and realize the ideals and goals of life together.

Partner Requirements: I am looking for a partner who is between the ages of [partner's age range], regardless of education or occupation. In terms of character, I hope she is gentle, kind, understanding and tolerant, and willing to share the joys and sorrows of life with me.

Purpose of blind date: I hope to find a partner who supports and respects each other and is willing to build a stable and happy family with me.

If you are interested in my requirements and expectations, please contact me at: +1 (818) 688-6263

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