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Hello...newbie just saying Im thankful to be here!

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4 hours ago, TracyG said:

This popped on on my fb so I was happy of course to join. Ive studied many religions, philosophies, LOA books, motivational talks, Abraham, the classic books such as Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence to Louise L Hay, Deepak Chopra and many, many more. They have all been a joy, a gift and enriched my life. Ultimately, I feel happiness can be found in gratitude and joy in the present moment. Its great and important to have dreams, visions and goals but the right energy invested in the present is the key to happiness (and the most joyous route to take you anywhere). I really believe we are just part of a huge energy source, vibrating according to our conscious and  subconscious thoughts. Mindfulness matters and life is a journey through the evolution of this consciousness. Happy to meet like minded people here and share positive vibes.

The Law of Attraction is a most Powerful accumulation of the like minded..for either Good or Bad intentions / actions..it's nice to acquaint with like minded souls.. Namaste..xx

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