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Your body is a like an empty space. Fill it with Love.

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Your body is a like an empty space. Fill it with love, it will become a bed of roses, fill it with hate, it will become a bed of thorns.


When I say the body is empty space. Do not take it literally. Our body is made up pf atoms and molecules, organs and micro-organisms and an ecosystem of life.

But that is in the physical dimension.

In the quantum dimension where everything is energy, our spiritual body may be quite empty. Like a flat-line of the heart. Which means the heart has stopped beating.

So just as there is the physical heart, there is the inner heart.

That inner heart is empty and if you fill it with love, it will offer comfort to not only you but also others around you as the vibrations of the inner heart or Neu as I lovingly call it, can reach out far and wide and touch the nerve of every cell in our body.

However, if you fill it with hate and anger and other negative energies, soon your own physical body will exhibit the pain or thorns and will also affect those around you.

Do not allow your inner heart lower its vibrations and through selfless love one can keep raising it higher and higher and spread its vibrations further.

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