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Ways to Overcome Sadness


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On overcoming sadness, depression, all of it -because it involves a lot more to get through (in my case - in overcoming severe, recurrent major depression -so happy to say -for the past 3 years after 11 years of suffering from it: 

To feel connected to a wider community is essential - exactly like right here in this mindful one! (not unhealthy social media).

If you don’t have a positive support system- build one— find new friends that make you feel like sunshine, that are authentic in their friendship and support and consistently there enough which is needed for any real connection to develop and grow, and get rid of toxic people that drain you. 

Also, I have learned that you need to grieve your losses, learn from your pain, feel it, understand it, and start the healing journey of letting go. Accept what you cannot control but take charge of what you can change. Make the right choices and acquire new habits to grow and become whole and balanced -mind, body, and soul. Having an open and curious mind to be receptive to learning new, healthier, mind reframing perspectives and practices. Live in the moment/Be Present. Using creativity as an outlet. Create moments of joy. Uplift and share your light with others.

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