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What are "the odds" of this happening... 

Logged in to Happiness.com and two new profiles come up on the feed. One right after the other. Different names, 1078km apart, and look identical (right down to the freckles on "both person's noses"). 

"Wow! No way!" I thought to myself. 

So I checked the profiles and even more coincidently, they're both looking for the same thing. That thing is kinky sex by the look of it. 

Happiness.com, what's going on?  It might be someone's idea of "happiness" but it seems kind of low vibe and seedy. Are you guys turning into a dating site for people like this? 

This place is getting wierd!  (and not "good" wierd). 

I was hoping to meet people on here who'd discuss the nature of the universe, art, spiritual beliefs etc, but I've not seen much of that recently - only posts from people essentially proudly claiming to be the reincarnation of a whole lot of historical figures (while essentially telling us we should be "humble"), and "doppelgangers" who seem to think that kinky sex will fulfil them. 

Sure, I don't regularly browse through the forum topics but it does make me question the nature of this site when the first things I see are kind of low vibe. 




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