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I want to wake up on time and stop procastinating in bed, what actionable steps can I take?


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If you exhaust yourself by doing sports before bed time, it's easier to fall asleep and a good sleep is good for you.

You have alternating intense and less intense sleep phases. If you go to bed too early or too late, the timing might be bad and you have to get up during an intense phase.

So you can try going to bed an hour earlier or later and feel the result.

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Definitely make sure first of all that you are getting good quality sleep, and like @suedseefrucht suggests, think about what time you go to bed, that you sleep the amount of hours you need and so on. 

For getting yourself out of bed, you could try leaving your alarm too far from bed so you have to actually get up to turn it off. Also have the curtains open so the room is light when you wake up, which can be helpful for your body to wake up. If you use your phone as your alarm, you can also try leaving your phone in another room over night, and get an old fashioned alarm clock. Less pleasant sound, no distraction :)

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