The Ecosystem

The Social Network

Belonging to a community and building healthy relationships is an essential part of improving happiness. With the support, guidance and cohesion of a global like-minded community will cultivate positive and uplifting ways of thinking, being and acting on an individual as well as humanitarian level. The community will provide a safe haven and a powerful go-to resource for anyone who’s looking for more well-being, engagement and meaning in their lives. With its strong emphasis on location based connection of like-minded people, the social network is carefully designed to transform online encounters into meaningful real life relationships.

As a spiritual teacher, coach or therapist it can be hard to find and reach your audience. Many spiritual/yoga teachers, motivational speakers, coaches and therapists might not have the means or skills to build their own website or monetize/market their content and services online. connects the whole community in one global community:


To register in our community, members create a customized profile where they describe themselves, upload pictures and videos, state their interests and who they are interested in meeting. There is also a questionnaire to share more about oneself. Every user has a wall to share content with others. You can also see which events a user is attending, and which local hangouts/ businesses they frequent.

Interest System

To connect with like-minded people, we have created a catalogue of over one hundred areas of interest ranging from topics such as neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness and meditation, to yoga, parenting, and cancer and death. That way, when looking for someone with the similar mindset or challenges, users will be able to find them and start interactions that will help build support for their journey to more happiness.


There is a strong focus on location based search. We want users not only to connect, but meet in real life. The search enables them to find people that match their interests. A full-text search scans forums, magazine articles, profiles, events and classifieds.

Message System

Our message system not only lets users chat in real time, but supports voice and video calls. We also offer message filters so each user decides for themselves who will be able to contact them.

Forum & Chat

Our goal is to have an interactive community that actively communicates and shares. While the forum is a place for more in-depth discussions around thousands of topics, the chat allows users to instantly connect and discuss in local or global chat rooms. It is also possible to open new chat rooms, to invite and allow others to further discuss a specific topic. Voice and video streaming are supported to enrich everyone’s experience.

Event System

The strongest bonds happen when we meet in person. Our powerful event system allows every user to add their own private or commercial events. From local meetups to yoga & meditation retreats or activity groups - this feature allows our users to connect with their local communities.

Classifieds System

For anyone more interested in specific requests or 1:1 meetings, we also have a classified system. It’s the best way to search for activity or practice partners. People can place their ads in various categories and specifically define where (location & radius) and to whom (gender & age) this is displayed.

Locations, Business, Organizations and Public Figures

On any local yoga studio, meditation centre, fair trade shop or vegan restaurant can create a business entry and reach their target audience. Public figures like thought leaders, motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, coaches or authors can create a page to connect with their followers.

Internal Self-Serving Advertising System

Users can use an internal ad server to promote their event, classified or business. The self-serving system allows users to exchange their HAPPY Tokens for targeting precisely those users that are relevant to them specifically.

News Feed & Following

Like Facebook, our news feed connects all friends and followed page activity in one central stream. Unlike Facebook, on there is the option to not only see their friends' activities but everything that happens in a user’s local community which is a great way to make new friends and connect locally. A machine learning based algorithm periodically suggests content based on a user’s personal and behaviour profile.


The community magazine is a place for sharing scientific, spiritual or psychological knowledge, resources and concepts as well as the latest in happiness research with our community as a basis for discussion. It is also a communication channel where we publish community news, user articles or third party guest posts.

User blog/journal/diary

Users will have the option to publish journal or blog entries privately, publicly or anonymously; yet another way for users to share their journey. The blog/journal/diary is an additional channel to express oneself and track individual progress in whatever path is chosen to follow towards personal happiness.

Machine Learning

Through data mining and machine learning we can suggest events, forum posts or users that are most likely going to match one’s own preference. This is especially great for a community with such diverse areas of interest centred around human happiness.

Online Academy

The happiness academy is closely interlinked with the social network. Together they form the backbone and heart of the Happiness Ecosystem. Support and exchange in a community is important, but real progress requires learning, work and practice. With the emergence of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), knowledge is shared in even faster and more efficient ways. Students from all over the world can participate in courses they would have never had the chance or means to participate in before. Education has been revolutionized and we plan to extend this revolution to everyone who wants to learn to be more happy.

Accessible to Anyone

Education, coaching and therapy sessions can be expensive and out of reach for those suffering from depression, addiction or other mental burdens. For some, even going to a doctor sometimes is too much of a task. makes content, courses and coaching easily accessible to everyone. In the cases where teachers charge a fee, participation can be earned through rewarded engagement in the community. Sophisticated search functions and machine learning makes it easy to find exactly what is needed.

Open Curriculum

We don't claim to have the one solution to happiness. There are infinite pathways. Every person has their own key to happiness at that particular moment in time. What might unlock one person’s happiness might not even be remotely relevant for someone else.

The human mind, psyche and spirit however is a landscape that is - in its basic functionality - generic to all of us. Many have wandered and mastered that inner landscape before and became teachers to share and guide others when they are lost. Nowadays there are tens of thousands of amazing teachers and coaches out there. Our idea is to democratize this education and open the university for everyone that has something relevant to share with the world.

It is our dream to build a school where students can learn what their schools or universities didn’t offer: How to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Free from any commercial interest, particular ideology or dogma, the curriculum can contain anything people might deem worthwhile. Potential categories include:

  • Parenting (marriage, fertility, adoption, ...)
  • Relationships, Love and Sexuality (Coming out, BDSM, tantra, ...)
  • Health, Fitness & Diet (nutrition, weight loss, aging, ...)
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Abuse & Trauma
  • Astrology (tarot, channeling, horoscopes, ...)
  • Business & Money (HR, coaching, management & leadership, ...)
  • Crafts, Hobbies & Home (gardening, coloring, creativity, ...)
  • Science (quantum physics, neuroscience, sacred geometry, ...)
  • Psychology (Behavioral, Cognitive, Positive Psychology, ....)
  • Religion (Agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, ....)
  • New Age & Spirituality (Shamanism, non-duality, channeling, ...)
  • Technology (quantified self, brainwave entrainment, neurofeedback, ...)
  • Meditation (mindfulness, chakra, metta, ...)

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