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So far depression is sucking the life out of me. Please explain how is it beneficial?

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I read some stuff suggesting the same idea. According to those "articles" it pushes you to think mor analytical etc as Calvin explained better. I don't know if I believe that either. What I understood was it basically activates your survival mode actually but I'm not really sure if those suggestions are really interpreted well from scientific studies or just some clickbaits cycling on internet. I would say there's a "good" side of depression which you learn things about yourself and self control but in general I can't see it as a gift for real and the most obvious effect I feel is overthinking instead of turning into a big analytic thinker-problem solver. 


As per my understanding every disturbance has brought new energy, Experience and spirit once you over come it. 


there's some benefit in everything. thought when depressed, it might be hard to notice or approach it in constructive and beneficial to oneself. because depression means that thinking, perception, scope to notice benefits are affected, limited, reduced. 
however, once one accepts that there's benefit in depression as condition, one can seek to explore possibilities and changes. 

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As a person that has battled depression for many years, along with anxiety and PTSD I believe that I may be able, finally,, to see all experiences, challenges, difficulties, obstacles and so forth as gifts. I regard myself has a person that walks a spiritual pathway. I also regard myself as a person that has experienced extremes, for example going from a British Army Marksman (I entered the Army straight from school) to a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Healer, and Medium, with 26 years in Spiritualism. 

So for me, I've experienced (as lots of us do, I'm not special) polarity/duality, exploring myself on many levels, physically (in the Army) mentally, through deep soul searching, emotionally and spiritually (in meditation, self reflection. Exploring the extremes of myself, really getting to know myself, at many different levels of being.

As I look at life from a spiritual perspective, I do see this (difficult and challenging) life as a gift, an opportunity to come here to this world, enter into the density of the physical form, experience cold, heat, hunger, limitation, isolation, separation , deprivation, love, connection, interaction, joy, bliss and everything else beyond and in between.

As I believe that the universe (multiverse) is divinely and intelligently orchestrated. I really do feel that this (and every) life , along with everything we experience within them, is a gift, a gift in the sense that it provides us with the opportunity to really get to know ourselves., each other and to be able to truly empathise with others, having suffered ourselves.  We are the brave souls that took the opportunity to really have our metal tested, be forged in the fires down here on the earth, ultimately to return to our true home in the spirit realms, richer and finer through experience, knowing ourselves better than ever before.

Life, and everything we experience in it, really is a precious gift! 

Many applied, but not all were accepted, to return to Earth and assist our earth be uplifted and freed  from the clutches of those that would rather see us perish. We are the Light Warriors, here to assist in the ongoing Ascension process, and we will ultimately be triumphant.

Life is a gift and one that, at soul level at least, we are very grateful for.

Yin/Yang, dark/ light, positive/negative, polarity,/duality ~all necessary to generate movement, momentumand growth, all through experience.

Our sensitivities and our self awareness is a gift also, for all the same reasons, as difficult as that may be at times.A great servant once said, and I agree entirely " The Meek shall inherit the earth"

Our time is coming friends! Hang in there for just a little while longer, great changes are just around the corner I (very strongly) feel.


The image below is my design that I've drawn out after being inspired with it. I'll be giving it the Pyrography (wood burning treatment) soon 😊


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Pyrography design explaination

So, for me at least, I've been able to see my 'Depression and Anxiety as a precious gift! A gift that's encouraged (or forced) me to look deeply within myself, along with outside of myself too, to investigate all areas of my life (and the outside world) to see what is/was out of balance and can be improved. I've done this on such a profound level, that without D and A I would certainly never have done (and I wouldn't be the person that I am today) So, for me, as with many other challenges and experiences in my life, what a gift it's been! One that has been so very beneficial!


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