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Week 2 formal practice: Sitting Meditation

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On 4/17/2020 at 3:25 PM, Jen84 said:

So I wouldn't say I'm brand spanking new to meditation, but I am certainly no expert either.  Oddly enough, I've been finding the sitting meditation to be a very anxious experience this week.  This is really new for me.  Trying to work on letting go of the concept of "meditating the right way".

I've had a lot of difficulty with sitting meditation in the past, and I'm fortunate: I worked at the Insight Meditation Society for years and got some great guidance! All the teachers say to not force it, if the body and mind are really rebelling. Sounds like you have some great insight into a new way to approach it, however. Wishing you peace!

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I've been a daily practitioner for 12 years but focused on moving meditations cuz sitting was deeply distressing. I'm so happy to return to sitting with more grounding and ease! Some interesting things I noticed. Impostor syndrome, even after 12 years of practice! Like I'm just faking meditating (as if that's a real thing lol). I'm also noticing a good amount of vulnerability, as if mindfulness makes me weak and vulnerable because I'm not churning out a protective/defensive identity.

On 5/2/2020 at 1:00 AM, dawnrobertson said:

Impostor syndrome, even after 12 years of practice! Like I'm just faking meditating (as if that's a real thing lol)

I am glad you brought that up. I experienced that too, but didn't quite get a grip on it until I read your post. Like someone switched the light on. 🙂


Just finished week two.  Was a very busy week and there was a lot going on.  It was okay, but not great. I think this week will be MUCH better.  It is already.



Focus on breathing.. I do enjoy sitting meditation rather than body scan. I easily fall asleep on week 1. But sitting meditation keep me focus.

In fact I had difficulty to breathe during the meditation, it make me feel that I dun know how to breathe.. I need to look back into myself than I can breathe better. 

I using my partners room for meditation, somehow had worries that he will come in to the room anytime. Any sound will drive my focus to the door.

Anyway will try to practice n make it perfect again today


i just did my first seated meditation i am now feeling 



Hi! I'm starting week 2, day 1 today. I'm glad to be here. 


I just finished week 2. I liked the variety of alternating between the body scan and sitting meditation. 

Although I've practiced meditation sporadically for years, the sitting meditation was new for me. In the past, I've been drawn to breath meditations that seemed to encourage control of breath, so I found it difficult to not control my breath. I still plan to practice the breathing meditations that I've done in the past, but I'm also looking forward to adding the sitting meditation into the mix.


Ive just completed week 2 MBSR and as always find the whole journey fascinating. Whether it is at this present time in my life that it is most needed?  Even the science behind it all blows my mind away -  I think what if I knew this when I was 20 (I am 50 in a few days) I totally get the more you practice the stronger you become and yes I do struggle still with thoughts in the beginning but find they eventually float pass me like clouds.  I can relate to the post - 

Hi, I am on day 2 of week 2 and I am really struggling with the sit down meditation. I find my mind is wondering loads in the quiet parts of the meditation. With the body scan meditation my mind felt more focused on the words


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