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I'm trying to get back into the habit of doing yoga more frequently and would love some tips on free online yoga classes that are easy to follow and not too long. 
I've used Yoga With Adrienne before on YouTube and really liked it, but any other recommendations would be appreciated :) 

Thank you! 

I've never done yoga and would like to try. I will look for Yoga with Adrienne to start. Thank you Lizzie :)

What kind of Yoga do you practice? I spent 3 months teaching myself Yoga using YouTube, I started with Adrienne and then found an Ashtanga beginners routine which was perfect for me. I recognised that signing up to my local gym was probably the best way to go after teaching myself for 3 months or so. It's not cheap, but it is an investment into myself and my well being. 


Hi there,

I use an app from the android app store called Daily Yoga. They have so many different styles of yoga for different things on the free version and even more if you buy the full version (which for a change isn't mind boggling in price) see the attached image so you know what to look for if you want to find it.

I hope this helps, i bloody love it!


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I use YouTube for free yoga videos and I have an in person class. I searched chair yoga on YouTube to find low impact compatible with my age.

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