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Advice on how to help someone with anxiety

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Thank you for that advice @Calvin77, that's really helpful :)

Hi Lizzie, something to remind them of is that 'this will pass'. Panic attacks can be so consuming that it's tricky to get that perspective when in the midst of one. Wilhelmena.


I suffer from vehophobia and fear of death as well as generalized anxiety disorder. 

Some things which do not help

  • Being told to calm down 
  • Being told I am not being rational even if I am not being rational 
  • Suggesting I am over reacting 
  • Trying to apply logic or reason when I am in a full blown panic
  • Condescension
  • Being humiliated for what is something beyond my control
  • Becoming over focussed on the object of my fear
  • Having people shouting or applying stress to me
  • Telling me to just buck up or act more like a man

Things that help

  • Information which I can find or have control over like myself choosing to read a book about the subject that scares me
  • Investigating statistics and risks so that I can be more realistic 
  • Cognitive behavioral techniques 
  • A music I love
  • Spending time with my dog
  • Talking about unrelated pleasant things I enjoy
  • Breathing techniques Or relaxation 
  • Crafts
  • Art
  • In some cases confronting the fear by pushing myself forward. This doesn't work if it isn't self motivated.

People in the moment of a panic attack need reassurance and empathy not advice.

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