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Hi my name is tyrell

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Welcome Tyrell :) happiness is within all of us, the real journey is about tapping into it. I hope you heal your anxiety and trust issues, with much love ~Tati


A big welcome to happiness Tyrell! I'm sorry you're struggling with anxiety and finding your inner happiness, it's a journey but there are lots of good resources out there. Try to remember that all negative situations and feelings will pass, they are not forever even if it might seem that way. Control the things you can control, and accept what you cannot 🙌 

I hope you find our community helpful and please have a look around the magazine and academy for some interesting reading material and courses. 


Hello love - instead Of trying to think of yourself in a positive light why don’t you try looking for the positives in other things I think that in turn will then help you to come into harmony in thinking and eventually feeling positive about yourself. Try it

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