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I think there`s something instead of nothing


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You know, many of us have thought the same thing, is your mind just a product of certain emotions. But, there`s really nothing, just emotions to make us behave in a certain way. Well, if that`s so, we`re all just dead bodies, moving around with no purpose, just certain processes to make us re-produce. I have another take on it, we`re all the product of energy. I mean, the universe began with a sun, energy, then when the energy cooled down, it formed mass, and because the sun was so heavy, it collapsed under it`s own weight, and why we have gravity also, because of the momentum this caused. I think energy, which the first sun consisted of, is a little living; the reason why we`re living also. If you look at someone closely, in their eyes, you can see this light. It`s the reason we`re living, and not just bodies, walking around. We lived before DNA, we`re all sons, of this energy, sort of. LIke God`s sons. The soul isn`t from DNA, anyways, I`m just making a point. The soul get`s transfered, in another way, before birth. That`s why they spent billions on researching also, without finding genes linked to the personality.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my take on it, it`s a popular thing now to think there`s nothing in the soul, they say "nothing", among western people. I always knew I felt real, to me it`s just nonsense to think there`s nothing. I think they fall under their own irrationally also, because they still care about others, wants to have sex, and so fourth; what`s the point then, if there`s nothing. Exactly, I wouldn`t like care about others, or talk to them, if there`s nothing. I`d just be under my own reflexes then, and not in control of myself, and spending life in society.

My point is, I think energy is living a little. The whole universe, is living. The thing, we all consists of. What`s your take on it? We feel a "self" also, which also could just be a trick from nature, to make us feel real. But, I don`t think so. Science knows we have a soul. scientist says so, and they struggle with this "self" also, they can`t understand why we have it, because in their minds, we`re just brains ... Happy Holidays!

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