Inspiration and Spirituality

Inspiration and Spirituality

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Positive News
When you hear some positive news or other, it can certainly lighten your mood. If a friend were to say to you that they had just been promoted or that they had been successful in some o...

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For some Western philosophers, notably Kant, enlightenment is a greater understanding of humanity derived from observations rather than superstitions. The Age of Enlightenment is often ...

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In the past, any definition of spirituality would have been very tightly correlated with certain religious beliefs that focus on the godliness or spirit within people. In other words, s...

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At its most basic level, philosophy is the study of wisdom. In fact, the word itself derives from the Greek word for wisdom. However, it is not the study of all things, despite it havin...

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Purpose of Life
To many people, the purpose of life is very clear. It has been laid out clearly either by their parents, teachers or religious leaders. For others, it is much harder to work out. In fac...

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Inspirational Quotes
Aphorisms have been around since ancient times. Generally speaking, these are short, memorable and concise statements that reveal a certain truth about life or a particular situation fr...
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