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A community of therapists, a system of work with the human body, a path to self-knowledge.

ManuVision is a physical treatment system born in Denmark and established in Barcelona since 2010. The ManuVision treatment is similar to a massage but goes a little further by trying to find the cause of body tension that leads to stress, discomfort, contracture, etc.

ManuVision is also an active community of people working together based on treatment, training, fasting and meditation.

The ManuVision treatment is an in-depth holistic discovery into the body's intelligence, using techniques such as massage, stretching, joint release, reflexology, and pressure to relax the whole body. The treatment is effective in overcoming traumas and injuries that appear in the body as headaches, back pain, muscle tension, whiplash, lumbago, etc.

A ManuVision Treatment aims to increase body awareness and tranquillity and provides a higher capacity for mindfulness and presence.

ManuVision Training relaxes the muscles and joints, stimulates circulation and provides a greater awareness of the body, in turn promoting balance and strengthening body performance. It's done with dynamic exercises, stretching and postures to relax the entire body, and breathing coordinated with the movements. ManuVision training prevents injuries and is a strong complement to ManuVision treatment.

ManuVision Training combines elements of yoga and traditional karate in a single discipline. These exercises encourage strength and free flow in the body. The training is a direct way to free yourself from old pain and tension and allow healing and inner peace. If consists of learning a broad range of disciplines tailored to each student, which will aid in their personal growth.

The work at ManuVision is based on the encounter between people. They care about fostering relationships with themselves and others. Each therapist works differently, but all follow the same fundamental values that permeate their work:

ManuVision also hosts an annual fasting event. Please contact the centre directly for more information on that.


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