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An international group of depth psychotherapists

Mind & Soul Barcelona is run by a trio of experienced English-speaking psychologists and psychotherapists. They aim to help people turn challenging life situations into opportunities for growth. Kamen, Carlos and Sylwia consider their clients as 'unique individuals', each with the potential to "heal, transform and discover their own path."
They each have substantial psychotherapy training and experience and integrate knowledge from other fields such as Jungian psychotherapy, psychodrama, and process-oriented psychology.

Mind & Soul Barcelona offers couple, individual, online, and group psychotherapy sessions, and training or supervision programmes for other industry professionals.

All meetings at Mind & Soul Barcelona can be done in English, Spanish, Polish, German, Bulgarian and Polish.

The therapists at Mind & Soul Barcelona can assist with a variety of situations, including:
Overcoming trauma
Low self-esteem
Relationship difficulties
Experiencing significant changes in life
Sadness and lack of energy
Feeling trapped in repetitive behaviour
Dealing with cultural differences
Not feeling connected to yourself or your emotions
Going through conflict

Psychotherapy can be a powerful experience, and at Mind & Soul Barcelona the therapist accompanies you on your journey in an authentic, nonjudgemental relationship to explore your inner and outer worlds and find meaning in everyday life. It also enables one to learn more about one's condition, moods, feelings, behaviours and thoughts. It is a process in which to develop personal resources and explore creativity in a safe and confidential environment.

Mind & Soul Barcelona work within flexible hours and all fees are adjustable to the individual's income. Please check out their website for useful resources on individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, group psychotherapy, supervision, and sport psychology evaluation and training. They also offer therapy services to children at Mind & Soul Barcelona.

For further information, please visit Mind & Soul's website, and contact each therapist directly.


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