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Covid V A X


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I realise this is a very sensitive, yet very hot topic at the moment and I'm curious to know how many people here have been vaccinated and where you're from in the world?


For those who haven't yet, what are your thoughts on the vaccinations? And main reasons for getting them? There appear to be a few different vaccines depending on where we are in the world. Which one is available to you and do you feel assured that the vaccine is safe, effective, and reduces your risk of severe illness?


Let's discuss this openly, mindfully, and respectfully allow everyone's voices and opinions to be heard ??

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It's a tricky subject as there's so much we do not know.

As the knowledge around Covid-19 is constantly evolving, my answer will too.


Here are my 4 Cent for today:
My parents, who live in Germany, both got their first shot two weeks ago. I didn't anticipate the relief I felt when I knew that I could get a call anytime that something happened, but it won't be because one of them is dying from Covid-19. A friend of them suffocated alone in the hospital earlier this year. Another one who was fit for someone in their mid 70ies didn't even need to be ventilated but is now bed-bound and unlikely ever to recover.

I am looking forward to being vaccinated. I have preferences for the vaccine itself, which aren't based on a deep enough understanding of the topic, so ultimately, I'd get any vaccination that is hopefully at one point offered to me.
Here are my reasons: Due to regular international travels, I am used to updating my vaccinations and get informed about their risks. To me, this is not different.
I see the risk of being harmed myself or being part of an infection chain that will harm people by getting Covid-19 as much higher as possible risks of getting vaccinated against it.
So my main reason is the contribution to everyone's safety as I won't be - or will be less - of a transmitter of the virus, and less infections will result in fewer mutations too.

Stay happy, healthy and save ❤️

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As a key worker, I have been vaccinated, has from first hand I seen some horrible scenes with COVID-19 and I would not like to wish it on anyone. 

It is upto the individual to decide if they have the injection just like it is when the flu vaccine comes out.

Hands, Face, Space.

Stay safe .

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In my opinion, general public would think getting vaccinated would be a no-brainer. However I would prefer to see beyond this. Having experienced some nasty virus in my life, I would value building up a good immune system more than anything else.


Imagine if we are virus ourselves, how would you think we could invade a human body with a defense that outnumbered us?


We simply just need to play tricks or confused our enemy! Like upsetting their stomach, trying to choke their lungs or playing with their temperature nerves. And inviting the immune system to attack us and causing collateral damage to the surrounding vital organs. Voila, a perfect plan with minimal effort!


Perhaps you might notice most deaths are caused by over-reaction? Folks with underlying medical conditions are much easier targets.


I would describe the stages generally as follows:

1)    Attempted entry by the virus.
2)    Landing, with the virus trying to attach to the ACE2 receptor on vital organs.
3)    Making copies of itself once entered into the cells
4)    Causing a "cytokine storm" to overload the body

For the first stage, our defense would be to wear mask to reduce exposure, and mucus in our respiratory system that blocks the virus. Causing a delay entry would probably give time to our immune system to prepare, instead of over-reacting. And I do feel taking a cold rinse after a normal shower would help to wake up the immunity of our largest organ, the Skin. If your awareness is strong enough, you might notice the Covid virus do "bites".


For second stage, we do see organs with the most ACE2 receptors get to hit the worst. Antibodies or vaccine works here.


The problem with mRNA vaccine is that it's equivalent to Stage #3 or #4, triggering a large response on the body; "Oh! they are here!.. press the button! Press the button!". It's more of a DNA modification device than a traditional vaccine. Not that it modifies your DNA directly, but it's running a separate program in your body to handle the targeted virus. Your own natural immune system doesn't get to work or learn much

about the real Covid virus. And we can't prevent it from entering the blood stream into those vital organs. Sounds familiar? Youngsters having heart problem after vaccination? Folks getting strokes issues? Damage to the some organs are permanent, leaving scarring behind. You may recover, but the damage is done. I've scarring in my lungs since younger age.


Vaccines are always made for specific targets. while our natural immune system is more generalized. So when a mutated virus gets access to circumvent a vaccine, it would be as good as having "a master key to access every door" of those vaccinated. Our generalized immune system is meant to deal with the variants of a virus. It's what nature has given us. And it's much more complicated and advance than you think.


I've seen numerous cases of vaccinated infecting vaccinated. So I don't buy into that idea of vaccinating ourselves to protect others. Nature simply don't work that way.


For those unvaccinated, like myself, we should not be sitting duck. Taking natural health supplements like curcumin (turmeric), quercetin, EGCG etc. that reduce inflammation would help. They also help in disrupting the virus in Stage #3 & #4. While other supplement, like magnesium, may

help to moderate the body response.


For those vaccinated, taking or standing by the above supplements might be wise as well.


Lastly, having awareness of our body and able to relax are equally important. A lot of people overlooked these and didn't realized they need to be practice. Even your own liberation comes from them; what more can I say?


However, everyone is different, hence discretion is strongly advised here.


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