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What you do to for happiness?

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Please share your story where you were in problem stage not understand what happening in life don't like anything...and you did something or started something after that your life started changing and you started to be happy

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I went through something that made me feel similar to how you describe, and what eventually worked for me (as simplified as it sounds) was to choose every day to be positive, to be in a good mood, and to be happy. It didn't/doesn't work every single day, and some days it took a looot of effort, but I really felt like I didn't want what had happen to take away that happy/positive side of me.

I did things that made me feel good, that made me laugh, and things that I knew was good for my body and my headspace. I focused on myself, my wellbeing, and practised a lot of gratitude - for example finding 3 things to be grateful for each day.  


I hope this can be helpful, and look forward to seeing other suggestions and advice on how to overcome a struggle and find happiness again ?

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