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Daily diet..


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Age - 30 to 35,
How start morning..?
Daily routine and diet...

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There are many different ways to start your day, and it depends on what works for you and in your life. A lot of people like to start their morning with a little meditation, a few sun salutations, or perhaps some journaling. ? Some like to start their day with a walk outside or some kind of exercise to get their body moving and the blood flowing. ?  


When it comes to diet it is also really individual, and what works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else. In general I'd say, eat clean, wholesome foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, and a healthy balance of protein/carbs/fats so your body gets all it needs. I personally also believe in not restricting yourself, just trying to think of balance and moderation. You want to fuel your body with nutritious and tasty food, but you also want to enjoy life and have an ice cream or a piece of cake when you feel like it ? 

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