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Do you have a night routine?


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I think routines are really good for us and our happiness, but sometimes I tend to forget about routines before going to bed. It's easy to get caught up in trying to finish stuff on your to-do-list or just get stuck in front of Netflix and just watching oooone more episode :P

These days I hear of so many people having trouble sleeping and I know a lot of us end up in bed scrolling through Instagram until we fall asleep and drop the phone on our face lol. So perhaps a good night routine is important for our overall wellbeing and happiness?

Do you have an established night routine? What do you do to wind down and get ready for bed? 

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trabajo mucho y llego a la noche cansada, pero cuando mi cerebro está dando vueltas algún problema personal.familiar, no puedo dormir.. Entonces mi rutina es: ver en la tele alguna serie ya vista que no contenga nada de violencia, y así duermo plácidamente sin necesidad de medicamentos. Creo que nada que estimule el cerebro a última hora del día es bueno para dormir
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I am also in real need of this and mine is 

Gratuity Journal (Gratitude, list, positivity journal) 

Tomorrows todo list




Outfit for tomorrow

Fall asleep think about something that made you smile that day.

And yeah I feel a lot better when I do these. Especially the outfit. That is to big a decision to make in the morning. And why don't I always do this, I don't know hot weather or boredom, surfing the net, laziness. It works well when I do though. I like to keep it pretty simple too. 

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I drink camomile tea and avoid watching violent, scary or sad films or series . Lately I read a poem each night  from a new book I bought. 

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