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First of all, this is no critique of anyones lifestyle.

I would just liketo share my thoughts and get some opinions and experiences.


My motivation:

I hate factory farming, where animals are suffering under bad conditions.

And when I really think animal suffering through, I see that human made animal suffering could be avoided if humans would live the vegan lifestyle. Of course animals would still be eaten by other animals and would still starve to death in nature, but it would still make a big difference.


My current situation:

I'm not a vegetarian and I'm not a vegan yet, because I ate meat, fish, milk products, honey and eggs for all my life and a lot of traditional family recipes contain this type of ingredients. And since I was taught things like "fish is good for me" as a kid, it's hard to totally forget about that. But since vegan food is a part of "normal food", naturally, I eat vegan multiple days of the week. And when I eat meat, I look for good farming conditions, because I don't want animals to suffer more than necessary.

When it comes to clothing, I still use real leather stuff I bought years ago, because it is very long-lasting compared to synthetic alternatives in my experience.

My priorities are:

1. Health

2. little suffering

3. environmentally friendly


My progress:

I got used to have soy milk or oat milk in my coffee.

I eat less meat and more baked beans.



Since my first priority is health, there is already a problem with missing vitamin B12 in vegan milk.

The only effective way to get vegan vitamin B12 is eating nutritional supplements, which doesn't look very natural to me.

It feels a bit wrong, because appearently, the human body is not meant to eat vegan only. While cows, horses and many other animals are able to generate vitamin B12 from plants, humans are not.

I mean, you can probably feed a tiger plants and keep him alive with supplements, but it would be wrong, because the tiger is meant to eat animals, right?


I still try to find the right way for me, but it's complicated.

In my opinion torturing animals is wrong. If you have to lock them in, give them space to move as natural as possible.

But even vegan products can be bad for the environmentand animals (palm oil). So unfortunately doing the right thing is a lot of work.

I would have to read all the ingredients and check all the working conditions in every step of production from everything I buy, to do the right thing.


I would love to read something about other lifestyles, your ways to do the right thing and maybe some advise and solutions to help me find my way.

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