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Journeying anyone?

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Hey Abee, I'm open to making new friends and love conversations about spirituality and meta subjects :). I don't know much about Kundalini yoga but would be happy to explore this with you. You seem like a like minded soul :) Aj
Hi abbee, i love kundalini yoga its my favourite. Id love to try make friends with more like minded friends my self as i dont really have many that follow my spiritual path. Love and light 💛 💙 💜 💚 🧡 ♥️

I'm learning everyday & dnt no everything but i can definitely exchange knowledge with u. Im a starseed mystic. I use alot of crystals, oils, natural substances, yoga, tarot, meditation & reiki among other things.


It's good to have likeminded friends around, but to be honest I am alone aswell, it's hard to find...specially when you are a new immigrant! But meanwhile if you want to learn something I strongly recomend listening to Kryon (lee Carroll) speeches. They are wonderful and exceptionally relaxing....peace and love for everyone💙💜💗


Nice to meet you! You're from my hometown I see! 😊

 This journey is crazy and not for the faint hearted. It's so easy to feel lonely on this journey I've found. I think that's why most od us are here to find people that know "what's up". I'm around way too many "unconscious" people. 

  I'm early into my journey with a recent awakening and other events. Although ive always been extremely empathetic and intuitive. Its been one heck of a ride!

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