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Plant Trees

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I am so grateful for you bringing this up and caring so deeply. You are absolutely right, the status quo is not sustainable and a change is absolutely needed. I am sure you speak for many other people here on the platform who have been struggling with this insight too. It can be really frustrating to see how precious ecosystems are destroyed for random consumer products. So I am very happy to see that you are suggesting solutions like hemp. I wasn't aware of all these use cases - that certainly gives hope 🙂


In our community, we planted about 100 trees two years ago. The trees were already several years old and almost 2m high on average. It was both a huge financial and labour intensive endeavour. Besides planting a tree, it also needs to be taken care of if the environment isn't perfect. In our case, this would have meant regular watering, mulching, water management until the roots are deep enough to reach the sparse water resources. Most trees in the end died.

What I am trying to say is "yes! Plant trees!" and yes, think of taking care of them as they take care of us and yes, use alternatives like hemp too. It's one huge problem that calls for many many different solutions.


Trees are precious they provide homes for our wildlife, insects, they provide shades in the hot weather  and have beautiful blossoms for the bees. They absorb the CO2 in the air. Some trees grow fruits which we can eat or the wildlife. It’s a shame we have had some tree’s species become extinct due to the environmental changes. It then impacts on the wildlife habitats because the food chain has changed and their home is gone and they become extinct. There is too many imbalances which need to be balanced again.

Trees are significant! Just like our wildlife, insects, oceans, land etc!




We started giving trees as birthday presents this year. We have a little land which we rent and only this year we have already planted seven trees. The birthday people have been quite happy with their gift and will always be welcome to come and collect their fruits when the trees grow bigger. 

I don't like giving presents that are not sustainable and most people already have way too much stuff. So giving a tree is a great gesture. In some cities I read you can give tree care, like cutting or watering as a certificate. I like that idea as well. 


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