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Goals for the new year

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2 hours ago, Nahima said:

New Year read more

Check out archive.org  to find a free library.


I normally don`t have a goal for the future, but if it should make some comments on what i would benefit from in 2020 it would be to cultivate Falun gong even more then i do today.

Then also something very important to me is to take care of my soon to be wife, she suffer from psoriasis arthritis, and it have made her body very weak, so she is in a Wheelchair most of the time. 

Other then that i dont cling to wordly Objects anymore, so it me it mostly how to become better as a man, soon to be husband, friend, cultivator and so on :)


Oh, I am a bit late to this topic but here's what I am working on: Speaking up more! I train with tiny little things. How often did I not clarify my needs "hoping" that it would turn out ok. How often did I stay quiet about a racist remark presented as a joke. I practice and I hope this makes me more fluent. I do not need to respond with anger. A kind remark like "I am not comfortable with this kind of humor" hopefully makes the others think while being nice enough to not make them shut down in defense.

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