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9 questions to ponder before you wrap up the decade:


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12 hours ago, Candy said:

This year I'm spending New Years Eve alone, and since my focus has shifted from mindless partying and drinking, I will instead sit down and work my way through this beautiful little exercise to enter the new year consciously and with new intentions. It will help me reflect on who I am, and who I'd like to be going forward.

By Nedra Glover Tawwab, Boundaries expert, writer and therapist.

1. In what ways (big and small) have I grown?

I became more closely aligned to my authentic self. I moved to the Eastern US. I moved into middle age. I became the owner of a house.

2. What limiting beliefs do I need to release? I think I need to let go of other people’s perceptions.

3. What stressed me out the most, and what can I do to reduce my stress in that area?

Money. And I have already done the thing to reduce my stress in the last few moments of this decade. I reduced my living expenses.

4. How will I nurture myself in 2020? I will make more face to face friends. I will love my partner more deeply.

5. What do I need to make room for in 2020? Infallibility, vulnerability, the need for helpful friends.

6. What habits do I want to create, break, or refresh? I got rid of my Facebook. I am focusing on developing habits that improve my physical and mental well being.

7. What do I need to learn more about? My local area. People here. Art. Genealogy.

8. What boundaries do I need to implement to have healthier relationships? I don’t let people steal my happiness by hanging on to the negative emotions that hang around them. I spend more time on my own happiness which will in turn make other people happy.

9. What's one small thing I can do to change my life? Good in, good out. Pay more attention to how I take in and send out energy.

Self-awareness is one of the most essential parts of growth.

Who will join me in doing this exercise tonight?

Happy New Year, and Happy New YOU.


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