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What is happiness and how do I stop feeling lonely

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Hello Tyrell, it is impressive how clear you see and describe your challenges. In MBSR (meditation-based stress reduction) we say "acceptance proceeds change" and when I read your post in the forum and what you write on your profile I think you are at this vital step. Have a look at the free MBSR online course here, it helped me a lot with helping myself and if you have questions about it, feel free to get in touch with me any time. :-) All the every best! Tine


When you are accompanied by the world's most beautiful companion, how can you be alone?🤔

Did you see mirror today? Go and stand there and hug yourself. Do you remember the last time when you loved/hugged yourself. You are a beautiful soul dear . Yes this year is tough for all of us, so many of us are loosing our near and dear one and during this time if someone needs love , care and support thats you. Don't leave that YOU. take care of yourself.

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