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Hello ,,    Just wanted to say Hello with a few notes about myself. I am 62, I live with my wife a dog a cat. Both animals acquired from others. Dog from Son who now lives in Florida  and the Cat from our niece (wife's side) .  I love personal development, law of attraction, quantum physics ,  digging deep and deep into this Beautiful Gift of Life we have been given.


I have a specific group of friends who also understand this and we connect through the social media channels and facebook groups.


My wife has not ever seem to take an interest in this  nor support me in this and has her own ways, even though i have introduced her to some of my friends through meetups etc...she will not allow herself to be vulnerable and sticks with the status quo...honestly  we are still in love but its a strange relationship. Anyway we both work, i work from home doing IT work and she is in the medical field. She likes to be independent.. and controlling ..I am more trustworthy and love to meet people and have deep conversations. Unfortunately to avoid conflict , argument and Jealous behavior i have to keep this under my hat so to speak. I have come to Terms with this being the old me and also being the Authentic me. Trying to eventually transition fully to the Authentic me which is the etter and more happier of the 2 !!!  Thank you for listening and I hope this day fines you well.   Much Love !!!!   Joe D.

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Hi Joe! Welcome to happiness Please have a look at both the Interest pages and the Magazine where we have lots of content that might fit your interests ? Thank you for sharing about yourself and I hope you'll find our community to be a safe place to connect with likeminded people and both learn and share from experiences. Have a lovely day you too!

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