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Connection to the Creator, the Source of infinite high frequency energy


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Dear Light Workers
Hope this holy message finds you well.
Greatest holy news never before revealed to our mankind in thousands of years, amidst of this world crisis. 
We have found the One True Creator, The Source of All, not the messenger but the source himself who heals people with his dynamic supreme vibration.
He has been calling light workers to reconnect back to the Source, at the same time, cleansed negative energy and fulfilled inner soul with ultimate happiness and Joy. 
Now as the world is in crisis, we are calling for international light workers to reconnect with him and help save this world together with our human collective power of happiness and joy. 
You are kindly invited to experience this amazing supreme vibration yourself.
With his holy mercy, in case you come across folks who need help with depression, anger, fear, or being harm by demons or dark energy, we can arrange for a distant healing from the source as well. The miracle cure is instant in most cases. 
This is the charity mission so it is totally free and will arrange service on first come first serve by advance reservation only.
We plan to open a session for foreigners on every Sunday 6 p.m.  (Bangkok,Thailand).
Limited 20 cases/session
If interest, please make a reservation in advance by sending email to [email protected]
Please note: The reconnection to the source is one time only. After that we would like you to live your life happily and help sending positive energy to save the world together with other light workers around the world.
No Course, No Practice, 
No Meditation, 
No membership fee
Totally free of charge
Required good internet connection/WIFI
as we use zoom meeting, 
Communication in Thai, English
Session time approx 2 hrs 
depends on participants and discussion.
Warmest regards,
[email protected]  

Attached is the high frequency vibration directly from the supreme creator during the last session on 18 September 2022


Bless you all with joy and happiness

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