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We  often out with  this phrase “

To see things as they are “

What does it really mean and how do you practice it in daily life . If any one can guide me . 

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Grammar mistake

"To see things as they are" would be to see things as they are literally, albeit without being judgemental. However when we try to do that, we often find ourselves "judging". "Judging" in its crude form is like opinions and habits, while in its finer form or possibly without our knowing is like "differentiation" - for example, "This is round", "this is black", "this is bigger, this is smaller" and so on.

Before we can see things as they are, we must be aware of our judgemental process and practice letting go of it. I would say the MSBR practice here is sufficient, in particular, the method of "turning toward".

We are brought up to learn to judge, but must now learn not to judge. It seems counter-intuitive, but only when we know we are judging, then letting go would be possible. Otherwise we'll be trying to build the second storey, without having the first storey in place. Hence the emphasis here is about letting go.

Hope this would help!



I think 'to see things as they are' could also relate to not trying to excuse or explain a situation or behaviour that is hurting you. For example it's easy to end up making excuses for someone's poor behaviour towards you instead of 'seeing it as it is' - they are treating you badly and you shouldn't allow them to do so.


Is about perspectives - see the problem from a different perspective act as an observer detach any emotion a solution will soon follow

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