The institution of marriage

What is marriage?

Marriage, also known as wedlock or matrimony, is the state between people, which means that they will be partners. In a legal sense, it places both rights and obligations on the people who are married. Although marriage between two people is the norm, certain cultures allow for polygamy or marriage between an individual and several partners. For many centuries, marriage was only allowed between adults – although the definition of what constituted an adult varied – who were of opposite sexes. Nowadays, many countries around the world allow for legal unions between same-sex couples as well as transgender people. It has many religious connotations although marriage is a legal status, usually sanctioned by the state.

 Where did marriage start?

 As soon as humankind developed into primitive societies, there needed to be a way of bonding clans together to avoid war and to strengthen the unity of diverse groups. The answer was the matrimony of two individuals, usually with the aim of creating a common heir. As such, some form of marriage is likely to have begun in the stone age. It has long been mentioned in the oldest texts around, including the Bible, as the way unions are legitimised. As societies became more settled, especially in the Middle East, wedding ceremonies were likely to have become more and more lavish with greater emphasis on the sort of rites we would still recognise today.

How does marriage change you?

Put simply, being married means you have entered into a legally binding contract. Although it is possible to get out of such a contract by divorce proceedings, this is a change as significant as entering into a business partnership, for instance. At a personal level, whether marriage impacts your personality or behaviour would very much depend on the individuals involved. In the past, women were married to their husbands and passed from being the chattel of their father to their groom, which could mean a significant change. However, modern property laws have altered this unfair status to a more equitable in nearly every advanced society in the world, so the change is less pronounced today.

Can a marriage work after a separation?

It is certainly possible that a marriage can be put right after a separation, either caused by work commitments overseas or from a relationship breakdown, for instance. In the past, when marriage was seen by many as the primary form of union between couples, significant social pressure would have been placed to try and make things work. Given that this pressure is less significant nowadays, more marriages end in divorce than what used to be the case. However, there is no reason to say that a marriage cannot work following a period apart.

Why do marriages fail?

Marriages fail for the same reasons that any relationships do. The primary ones are arguments, infidelity or simply growing apart. In this regard, marriage breakups are no different from partnership breakdowns among unmarried couples.

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First published in 1992, The Five Love Languages is a book that is entirely focussed on the most intimate relationships held between adults. It looks at five different paths whereby love, affection and even romance are followed, which are referred to in the book as 'languages', hence the meaning of its title. The five so-called languages are spending quality time with one another, exchanging gifts, physical touching, words of affirmation, and acts of devotion. The last one is sometimes also referred to as acts of service. The idea of the book is that it is a guide to self-counselling that individuals and couples can follow in order to re-establish higher levels of affection and love in their relationship. In it, the advocated approach is that a person will look at the way their partner expresses his or her love with others, and an attempt is made to use the same 'language' subsequently. The original version of the book had the sub-title “How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” although this was dropped from later editions.
Like other forms of counselling, marriage guidance - or counselling - is a talking therapy whereby a couple will engage with a professional counsellor to attempt to resolve issues in their relationship. Typically, married couples will use marriage counselling to help them stay together if they are considering a separation period or even a divorce. It is not just used by married couples, however. Marriage counselling is often referred to as couples counselling so that it is more inclusive for people who are not married to one another but who are, nonetheless, in a relationship.
Dating simply means the process of meeting someone to see whether or not getting to know them further could lead to a more intimate relationship and even love. In short, it is a form of courtship which places two people in a social situation where they may start to form a deeper relationship. In some cases, dates lead people to decide the person they have met is not for them. In others, it leads to further dates and even romance. Dates often occur in person with face-to-face meetings, but increasingly people now date over the phone or via video conferencing, too. So-called speed dates are organised events where people can meet many others in quick succession to see whether or not sparks fly.
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