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Kitchen Garden
Known as a potager in France, a kitchen garden is simply part of a domestic garden that has been given over to the production of plants for food rather than for their ornamental propert...

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At its most basic, going on a fast means not eating anything at all for a given period. In some cases, this will also mean foregoing liquid intake, but this is a more unusual form that ...

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Unlike vegetarianism, veganism means abstaining from eating any products which have been derived from animals. This means that vegans don't merely avoid meat and fish, as vegetarians do...

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First of all, there are many forms of intolerance. Social intolerance is often associated with bigotry, racism and religious hatred. In the medical sense of the word, it means not being...

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Organic Food
Organic food is any food product that is produced within the standards of organic farming regulations. The codes that relate to organically produced food vary in different parts of the ...

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Food for Diabetics
As a condition, there are two main types of diabetes where high blood sugar can cause chronic problems such as heart disease, nerve damage and foot ulcers. Type 1 occurs when the body d...

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Low carb
There are numerous diets that are described as being low carb. Essentially, they all suggest the same thing – namely, that the amount of high carbohydrate foods that go into a conventio...

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Raw food
At its simplest, raw food is any sort of edible material that has been uncooked in any way. Of course, cooking may mean a variety of things when it comes to raw food, not simply heating...

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In essence, vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice which means consuming a diet which does not include red meat, seafood and other forms of flesh. It does not mean eating only vegetables b...
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