Laura Aleksandra created this fantastic poem, 'Landscape of Dreams', and the beautiful beach mandala you can see in the image above. We hope you enjoy it. 


“I play out a role as a person you see, but I am myself, thyself and a reflection of thee.


Search for me in the landscape of dreams, where memories play out, flowing downstream.


There is pain in illusion, in maya's separateness themes, is the answer to everything found in our genes?


Am I a pawn or a leader, or something in between?


Am I Innocent, wise or just callous and mean?


I gather I'm all of it, but you maybe are too,


And that all of these parts in time must make their debut.


So I am me, and you are you- all of this we simply assume to be true.


But could it be you are also me too?


I live life through your eyes and take walks in your shoes;


I bend and accommodate to your wishes and views.


Are these desires of yours just reflections of me?


What exists between the interactions we have and the objects we see?!


Is it meaningless space or purposeful code, twisting and turning the agendas we hold?


A wrinkle in time? A dimensional fold?


Reflection brings clarity and a unified mode, where nothing is given, and nothing is owed.


Belief in duality is all we've been told, but our hearts have a deeper truth that all of them hold.


In you I find me, and in me I find you.


How could we have ever believed we were two?!


Let's bid farewell, goodbye, and adieu, to all that is separate, unreal and untrue.


Our whole of identity lies within me, but it's ALSO in you.


We say we understand this all through and through, and its universality is not anything new,


yet it seems that tomorrow this cycle could all start anew


and we find with dismay we again feel like we're two,


where I am just me,


and you are just you.”



Laura wrote this wonderful and inspiring poem (her first attempt at poetry btw). She also publishes beautiful beach mandalas made out of natural materials she finds. Often those posts are accompanied by very personal and touching stories. 

© Laura Aleksandra


Written by Laura Aleksandra

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