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Break the Karmic Cycle - By Jeff Foster
When sadness or fear, anger or loneliness, shame or disgust surge through your nervous system, my love, do not believe for an instant that something is ‘wrong’ with you.
Instead, be honoured that these ancient friends have chosen to visit!
They have come not to hurt you but to heal you, to help you remember your wholeness, your vastness, your capacity for all life.
You alone have the courage to feel these feelings, let them pass through to completion, bless them with Read more…attention and curiosity!
Will you turn towards these inner children now?
Will you open your arms to the helpless ones inside?
Will you drench the sorrow, fear, loneliness and rage you feel now with love?
Will you break the karmic cycle with your breath?
- Jeff Foster
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waihong waihong quote waihong:"Karmic Cycle comes with a "comma", and breaks with a "full-stop".
So when does the "full-stop" comes?
..when you realized you are doing circles. LOL.
We started with sensation. Craving for happiness, we punctuated our actions with more commas. Hence the Karmic Cycle continues.
When we start to put aside our craving nonsense and embrace the sensation wholeheartedly, we begin to realize our completeness. Read more… And full-stops start running towards you, not by your comma actions.
The day will come, dwell in a middle path, an realization.
The realization is in the journey and not an end itself. But the cycle has stops its creation.
Like · 14.11.2020 8:10:20
waihong Everyone has their sad story.. their fear and their hurdles. Making the first step to truly face this person called 'I' was like stepping off a cliff into a dark abyss for me. The courage needed was amounted to facing death itself; my "legs" were shaking when I was "standing at the edge of the cliff". I realized later that I don't have to do it that way. Slowly turning inward towards yourself and listen to whatever your heart has to say, embrace it no matter how difficult it is. You do not Read more… need to utter a word or do anything; just embrace it. The problem will eventually open up and you will cross it like nothing had happened; like waking up from a dream. More will come, each like a huge wall that cannot be circumvent or impossible to cross. But all, somehow, crumbled down with an open heart.
The breath only takes you to the door. It's up your heart to open it by letting go.
LikeLizzie, Tine · 31.10.2020 17:21:45
Nosakhare1968 when it comes to sadness i talk to my co-workers about it or i talk to the crisis or samaritans when i am angry i lost my mother recently and it was a shock the whole terrible thing about my mother news got me angry i started crying the news of my mother's death never sank in it made me feel angry a part of me died with my mother i need some medication on how to deal with my anger i hardly can't talk to my sister about the way i feel it is just the way i feel i need some help dealing with my Read more… anger and i want to be a better happy person with good things to live for
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The wound is the doorway - By Jeff Foster
You are pure Awareness
with very human wounds.
You are indestructible Light,
untouchable and infinite, yes,
but you are also deeply sensitive, fragile,
a human with a tender heart
and unspeakable longings,
and more questions than answers.
Do not abandon yourself for the Absolute, friend,
but do not lose yourself in the relative either.
Just see them as One. God taking shape.
Non-duality dancing as duality,
as the deep mystery of the belly,
the throat, the genitals, the Read more…hot blood
and the yearning for home
and the search for union,
and the restlessness and the rest,
and the boredom and the joy of this ordinary life.
All form is sacred here,
since all form is formless here.
The relative is absolute in its holiness here.
Your pain is not an error here but a call to home.
Your sorrow is not a mistake but a movement of divinity.
And even your sense of incompleteness is complete, and your feeling of unworthiness has endless worth.
The old dream of perfection has crumbled.
The old myth of spiritual enlightenment has turned to dust.
The untouchable gurus with all the answers and no human flaws have been swept away.
Certainty has been destroyed by fire.
What is left to trust now
but the belly and the throat, the whistle of the kettle and the pitter-patter of rain hitting the roof, and the laughter of children, and the pressure between the eyes and the loneliness of evening, and the yearning for God and the simplicity of breathing.
The spiritual patriarchy is collapsing under its own weight.
The fear-based notions of how you “should” be.
The sad ideal of bliss and light and only positive vibes.
It has destroyed souls for too long.
A new spirituality is dawning.
One that allows for imperfection.
Healthy shame. Flaws. Not knowing.
Allows us to doubt. To feel sad. To break.
To be groundless yet know our ground.
To be Light yet love our darkness too.
To be Awareness yet maintain our humanity.
A spirituality not of opposites but of inclusion.
A spirituality of the feminine and the masculine working in harmony.
A spirituality of the breath, the dirt, the erotic, the taboo and the inconvenient, the impure and the unfinished and the unknowable.
A spirituality of you, as you are.
- Jeff Foster
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Leetchi Wow! This resonated with me so very much. Thank you for sharing. Wow! This resonated with me so very much. Thank you for sharing.
LikeCalvin77, Candy · 14.10.2020 11:05:11
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The reason for happiness

How wonderful! 😊

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Let Yourself Rest - By Jeff Foster
If you’re exhausted, rest.
If you don’t feel like starting a new project, don’t.
If you don’t feel the urge to make something new,
just rest in the beauty of the old, the familiar, the known.
If you don’t feel like talking, stay silent.
If you’re fed up with the news, turn it off.
If you want to postpone something until tomorrow, do it.
If you want to do nothing, let yourself do nothing today.
Feel the fullness of the emptiness, the vastness of the silence, the sheer life in Read more…your unproductive moments.
Time does not always need to be filled.
You are enough, simply in your being.
- Jeff Foster
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bdunham Thanks for this Candy! I needed this today :-) Thanks for this Candy! I needed this today :-)
LikeCandy · 29.09.2020 20:09:13
Calvin77 Need to remember this sometimes :) Need to remember this sometimes :)
LikeLizzie, Candy · 28.09.2020 18:28:52
SarahManuel I love this!!! I love this!!!
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What is Meditation? - By Jeff Foster
Meditation is not about getting yourself into altered states. Altered states do not last. It’s about becoming intimate with this state – this present moment, this day, this Now, its textures, tastes, vibrations, contractions and aches.
Meditation is not an out-of-body experience. It’s the opposite. It’s a full experience of the body and its ever-changing sensations, its amorphous clouds of shivers, tickles, undulations and pulsations, throbbings, fizzles, its Read more…pain and its pleasure, its opening and closing, its ever-changing form.
Meditation does not always make you feel “good”. In meditation, you feel exactly as you feel, and you learn to love that, or at least to allow it, or at least to tolerate it a little more than you did yesterday. Meditation makes you feel more like… you.
Meditation is not about getting anywhere. It’s about discovering that there is nowhere to get to. That you are already home, and your body is the ground of all grounds. It is about discovering true safety in the feet, in the hands, in the pit of the belly. It is about finding a sanctuary in your chest, a sacred shrine between your eyes, a loving friend in the breath, a mother in the motherless places.
Meditation is not something that you do with your mind. In meditation, the mind relaxes into the heart, seeking relaxes into finding, and even the most intense anxiety finds its home. You cannot make it happen, but you can fall into it.
Meditation is not for experts, or the ones who know. Meditation is for absolute beginners, those who are willing to face their present experience with wide open, curious eyes.
Meditation is a field of love, an ever-present ground of safety, presence and stillness, that you remember, or forget, or remember again.
Meditation never leaves you. It whispers to you in the stillness of the night. And even in the midst of an activated nervous system, a full-on panic attack, suffocating claustrophobia or the urge to get out of your body… meditation is right there, holding you, loving you, gently kissing your forehead, willing you on.
It will not abandon you, and ultimately, you will not abandon it.
And closing your eyes to sleep at night, meditation is there, snuggling right up to you.
Your soft pillow, the rising and falling of your own delicious breath, a light breeze coming in from the window, that billion-year-old sense of Being...
You are safe in your own body, my love. You are safe.
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waihong There's an old saying, "Meditation does not necessary leads to awakening, but awakening definitely needs meditation".
Meditation is therefore a tool. It's a tool that dissects the nature of things without the need for thinking. It's akin to a baby touching an apple and smile brightly as if he/she already knows it.
Meditation is a tool based on our inherent awareness. Our awareness is always been there and never left us - meditation itself told you that didn't it? And everyone has that Read more… awareness. So what's going on?
Meditation is simply the practice of wiping the dust off the clear mirror of our awareness.
LikeCandy, Lizzie · 26.09.2020 19:25:24
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The Healing Power of Loneliness - By Jeff Foster

Loneliness is not the absence of connection but the full presence of God and a total experience of the Self. It is total "isolation" which is not isolation at all from the perspective of Infinitude. Loneliness contains its own cure, if we are willing to dive in, courageously, or without any courage at all. The dive is everything. Loneliness is utterly misunderstood in our culture, or rather, it is only understood on a very superficial psychological level. Read more…
Everyone is running from loneliness, keeping busy just to avoid it, never coming to know and taste its sweet and merciful healing nectar.
For many, loneliness is an enemy, something shameful to be avoided or covered up at all costs. We reach outwards, habitually, automatically, unconsciously, just to keep our distance from loneliness, just to avoid the deafening silence at the heart of all creation. We fill our time and senses up, addict ourselves to projects, create false personas on social media, try to stay “connected” as much as we can, never letting ourselves rest, to avoid the “void” and the gaping chasm of loneliness. But in its terrifying depths, loneliness is not harmful or shameful at all; it is a highly misunderstood spiritual experience of Oneness with all creation, a full and life-giving immersion in the staggering beauty – and utter horror - of life itself, a deep and timeless connection to all living things. Loneliness is not an emptiness but a full presence and an abundance of life. It is pure potential and freedom and surrender all at once, but as long as we are running from it we will never know its nourishing, healing and transformative powers.
Loneliness is not a negative state or some mistake in our being or biology, it is inherent in existence itself, built-in ontologically to our very consciousness and it transcends the psychological story. It is connection, not disconnection. It is wholeness, not lack. Loneliness is a naked spiritual state and subsumes all other states. It is an utter letting go, a paradigm of pure receptivity and perfectly tender openness. It is the ground of being itself, and the base of our subjectivity.
We run from it at our peril.
Nobody can experience our joys and sorrows for us. Nobody can live for us and nobody can die for us. Nobody can experience our own subjective reality, see what we see, feel what we feel, experience what we experience, love what we love, heal from what we need to heal from. We can act as witnesses for one another but we cannot enter each other’s subjectivity or breathe for each other or process each other’s pain. We exist in utter aloneness and uniqueness always, and this is true even when we are in deep connection and relationship. Our ability to relate authentically has its roots in our profound loneliness, and this is what makes every connection with another being such a miracle. When we run from our loneliness, we run from the miraculous and we run from ourselves.
Without loneliness, we exist in utter spiritual poverty, no matter how 'evolved' we believe we are.
Loneliness is a journey we must take alone. Like falling in love, or like dying, we must fall, without protection and without guarantees. Loneliness is the artist in the midst of creating something utterly new, the scientist on the verge of a breakthrough. Loneliness is the woman crying out on her deathbed, the child being born, the spiritual seeker kneeling prostrate before the ordinary world, the adventurer forging a new path in the dark forest. Loneliness is a risk, but utterly safe. Loneliness is the heart of trauma but it is a loving heart after all. Loneliness feels like shame and total abandonment from the perspective of the mind but for the soul loneliness is a full encounter with the timeless mystery of creation and an utter celebration of all there is.
Loneliness takes us out of our minds. It breaks us, grinds us down to our essence, erodes us back to purity and innocence and beauty, brings us close to death but then rebirths us, stronger and more courageous than ever before. Its terror breaks our defences and, then, vulnerable and soft and open, we re-enter the world, more sensitive to its beauty, more aware of the fragility of form and more tender towards the ache of humanity.
We don’t always know if we can endure loneliness, but we do.
When we are in loneliness, it is total and all-consuming and even time recedes. Everything disappears into loneliness - it is like a black hole, and we don’t know how long we can survive its ferocious embrace. But we are stronger than we know and we endure it beautifully. Through meeting our own loneliness and letting it touch us deeply, and ravage us, and cleanse us, and renew us, we come to know directly the loneliness of all beings, their yearning for the light, their deep ache for God, their search for home. We recognise others more deeply as ourselves. Loneliness makes us look beyond appearances and touch the depths of the world soul. If we have truly plumbed the depths of our own loneliness, we can never again close our hearts to the loneliness of others, to the yearning of their humanity, to the horror and awe of creation itself.
Loneliness breaks us open to a devastating compassion for all things, it matures us spiritually and increases our empathy a thousand-fold. We become more caring, more compassionate, more deeply considerate. We become more able to look into the eyes of another without shame or fear. We become less able to turn away where we see suffering and pain. We value our connections more deeply than ever before. Each friendship is a miracle. Each moment with a family member, or partner, or stranger, takes on a strange new melancholic beauty. We become more fearlessly alive in our dying. We embrace paradox as a lover and a friend.
Loneliness is the gravity of love, a sacred pull into the heart core.
Loneliness brings with it a sense of rest and contentment, a deep inner happiness and satisfaction. It slows us down to a snail’s pace and breaks our addiction to the clock and to second-hand notions of "success". It makes us less distracted, less restless, less manipulative, more content with the present moment. The black hole in our guts becomes our unexpected church, our solace, our sanctuary and our mother, and the source of all our genuine answers. We listen to our loneliness and it brings unexpected gifts. New creativity and new inspiration pours out of the lonely place inside. New music comes from there, new and unexpected words, new desire and new paths to follow. Loneliness is the source of all great art, music, poetry, dance, and all works touched by authentic loneliness are authentic works filled with truth and humility and the light of life itself. The nectar of God pours through the broken place inside. Loneliness crucifies us yet shows us that we cannot be crucified.
We do not lose ourselves in loneliness. We find ourselves there more clearly and directly than ever.
Loneliness is the experience of pure intimacy with the senses. It is the erotic experience of being fully alive. It is Jesus on the cross. It is the pulsating ache of a universe longing to be born. It is the end of all things, and a new beginning. It is holding a friend’s hand, not knowing how to help them, not knowing how to take away their suffering, but giving our heart to them totally. It is facing our own death, no promises, no guarantees, no story anymore.
Loneliness is the Beloved beckoning us. Those who have let themselves touch the black hole of loneliness, those who have given themselves up to its relentless pull, who have let the darkness penetrate and infuse and shake and reawaken them, are unmistakable beings. They have a depth and a strength of character that others lack. They radiate genuine warmth and understanding. Their melancholy is the fount of their greatest joy. They are not content with surface things any longer. They have been broken but they are playful too, and full of humour. They love the night-time as much as the day, the shadows as much as the light, the wolf as much as the songbird. Their not-knowing is the source of their wisdom. Their spirituality is simple. They hold no dogma anymore. They have become like little children once more. They are poets and artists and wild lovers of the night.
Loneliness is the experience of being in a body, but not of a body, and knowing that all things will pass, that all loved ones will die, that nothing lasts, that everything is made of the most delicate substance. Loneliness is a deep and unshakeable awareness of the transience and brevity of things, of illness and endings and new beginnings. Loneliness is a love of the night-time, the shadows and the moon. It is present in every moment and saturates every hour of every day. Once you have tasted loneliness, truly sipped from its sacred fount, you cannot run away from it ever again. You are haunted by it, yet you know it is the friendliest of ghosts.
Loneliness opens your heart wider than any other experience ever could. It brings with it youth and innocence. It makes you weep at the sight of sand on the beach, or the sound of a baby crying, or the feel of the morning sunlight on your skin, or upon the contemplation of time itself. Loneliness takes us to our most painful places but helps us fulfil our highest potential. Without loneliness, we are just shells of human beings, frightened skeletons. Loneliness fills us up with warmth from the inside, gives our lives the deepest kind of purpose and direction and meaning. Loneliness makes us realise we are never alone, and we are always loved, despite our imperfections and lack of faith. Loneliness is a religious experience, a lovemaking with the Universe.
Loneliness will save you if you give yourself to it totally. It will not separate you from the world and others but will bind you to them more powerfully. Through the dread and devastation of loneliness you will discover that you are more vast and more capable of love than you ever thought possible. You will be shocked at how much life you can hold.
The more you run from loneliness, the lonelier and lonelier you will feel, and the more you will fear being alone, even if you are surrounded by people. In loneliness is the utter paradox and mystery of creation. It may be last place you want to touch in yourself, and it may sound like madness, what I am saying to you here. But your loneliness may hold all the secrets to your very existence. You may find that your loneliness is not “loneliness” at all, in the end – it is your umbilical cord to God, unbreakable, infinite, death-defying, a cosmic pathway of love and forgiveness and utter, utter humility.
Let your loneliness pierce you, then, and shake you, and nourish you, and let it connect you to the world - and your authentic self - more deeply than ever.
- Jeff Foster
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You Are The One - Jeff Foster
Do not seek love. Do not leave yourself for love, and search for love in the other. Love is not an object, it cannot be given nor taken away. It cannot be found nor lost. Love is not a feeling, a state, or a peak experience, but what you are, presence itself.
Do not confuse love with attraction. Attraction comes and goes, can fade over time. Do not confuse love with longing. Longing is impermanent, transitory. Do not confuse love with feelings of bliss, pleasure, an excited Read more…nervous system. These passing states cannot last; it is not in their nature. Even promises, given with such certainty today, with the best of intentions, can fade tomorrow, or be broken.
Love, however, does not fade. Love cannot diminish over time. Love is not a commodity, a shifting form. Love is a field, a field within and without us, a field in which thoughts, feelings, even the most seemingly solid plans for the future, can appear and disappear. Love holds hope as much as loss, excitement as much as boredom, crushing disappointment as much as bliss. Love is the field for the shifting forms, the ground that holds us as we walk, sit, talk or do not, feel what we feel in each other's presence, go about the business of our day, plan, eat, hope, say goodbye, try to love. Love is greater than us. We do not generate it with words and deeds, or even intentions, but we are continually embraced by it, held in its vastness, no matter what we do, or do not. We are married, we divorce; we are friends, we are lovers; we break up, we break together; we are born, we die; the field endures.
Nobody has ever given us love; that is the great illusion. We have simply remembered the field in each other's presence, sometimes, recognised eternity in the midst of the everyday, then credited another. Love never came from outside of us; we simply touched our own presence, fell into the love that we are, and cannot not be. And nobody ever took love away from us; we simply forgot the field, and 'blamed' the other, and looked for love again, feeling its absence, lost in a narrative of 'lost love'. Yet love was there, even in its apparent absence; it was present, even in the loss. It cannot be broken; a wave cannot crush the Ocean.
Do not seek love, do not look for the light, but be it, offer it; the joy of loving another is infinitely greater than the joy of fearfully clinging to another's love, for deep down you know it is only an illusion that what you have always longed for could ever have come from outside of you. You are the One; you have always been the One.
The search ends exactly where it began - in presence.
You realise you are love itself, and this changes everything; love is yours, forever, even when it's not.
- Jeff Foster
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Sweetlife Beautiful and touched so many bases Beautiful and touched so many bases
LikeCandy · 28.08.2020 22:41:27
Marlene ohh, this is soo beautiful and so true !!! this everybody should read, thank you for posting and for oppotunity that we all can read it! Love ohh, this is soo beautiful and so true !!! this everybody should read, thank you for posting and for oppotunity that we all can read it! Love
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Vegan Recipe Share
What is veganism? 🌱
The Vegan Society defined the vegan diet in 1944 as "the principle of the emancipation of animals from exploitation by man".
Later, it was clarified as "to seek an end to the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection, and by all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man".
Veganism is a philosophy or way of living that excludes all forms of cruelty to and the exploitation of animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. Veganism Read more…also promotes the use and development of animal- and cruelty-free alternatives that benefit the animals, humans, as well as the environment.
What do vegans eat?!
A vegan diet comprises all fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, and pulses. These can be prepared in endless combinations. You never have to eat the same thing twice in a month, unless you really like it, of course 😉
Once I decided to adopt a vegan diet, I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity and richness of it. I began experimenting with different ingredients and flavours and tried to make a vegan version of all my favourite dishes. After a few months, I didn't miss animal products at all anymore and now, six years later, I sometimes even find it a bit odd when I come across a smoothie recipe that calls for cow's milk, for example!
It's more than just a diet. It's a lifestyle.
The "hardcore" vegans avoid the exploitation of animals for any purpose, at all costs and make sure everything they consume is cruelty-free; from clothing and cleaning products to cosmetics and other personal hygiene products. There are still very many brands and companies that test their products on animals. For a list of cruelty-free brands, see here.
Compassion for animals is the main reason people choose a vegan lifestyle these days. However, more and more evidence shows that a vegan diet is beneficial both to our health and the environment. PETA shares more about why eating meat contributes to climate change and harms the environment.
Healthy vs "Unhealthy" vegans
Vegan diets are considered healthy as they lack significant amounts of cholesterol (linked to heart disease) and include nutrients, fibre and antioxidants that are vital to our health and prevent dis-ease.
However, it's definitely possible to be vegan and still have a poor diet. Living in a world where processed foods are available on every corner and take over most aisles in our supermarkets, all diets, including a vegan one can be inundated with junk/unhealthy food, i.e. the absence of whole foods.
An 'unhealthy' vegan diet would be one that lacks essential nutrients that come from the list of foods mentioned above. Ideally, we should try to eat a whole foods diet at least 85% of the time, while leaving a bit of leeway for the Beyond burgers, french fries and vegan Ben & Jerry's.
Whether you choose to be healthy, 'unhealthy', or somewhere in between, remember, it's your body. Do what's best for you and don't mind what others think. Respect yourself, and also respect the choices of others.
One thing that's worked for me in making healthier choices over the years is looking at the ingredients of everything I buy. If it has more than five ingredients, and or any of which I can't pronounce, I leave it on the shelf. That said, every once in a while, it's important to TREAT YO SELF to whatever it is you want, be it a juicy vegan cupcake, a greasy meat-free burger or an XXL cheezy fries, and enjoy every bite, GUILT-FREE.
Recipe Share
My vegan adventure is far from over, and every day brings new culinary experiments which I'd like to share with everyone here. My favourite dishes are those that require ten or fewer ingredients and 30-45 minutes of prep/cooking time. I hope these recipes serve as an inspiration to those who love spending time in the kitchen as much as I do.
All the recipes are adjustable to your taste and what's available to you where you live. Feel free to comment and share what works or doesn't work for you, or any alternative hacks or ingredients you find useful or not so much. And remember to have fun in the kitchen! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳
Bon appetite!
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Candy Apple (or pear) crumble with coconut whipped cream.
I thought we'd start off the week on a sweet note.
I love the simplicity of this dessert. It comes together easily with pantry staples and, sometimes, when I feel naughty, I eat it for breakfast with coconut yoghurt! 😋
This recipe was a bit hard to write because I don't usually measure things when I cook haha. If the ratios seem off, do what you think is best.🤷‍♀️
Servings: 2-3
Cooking & prep time: 1 hour
Apple layer:
6 tart Read more… apples or pears (not ripe pears)
1-2 Tbs grated ginger
Juice of 1/2 lemon
3 Tbs maple syrup
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
Crumble layer:
A handful of chopped pecans or walnuts. Leave this out if you're allergic to nuts.
70g gluten-free oats
120g coconut sugar, panela or unrefined cane/brown sugar
1 tsp pumpkin spice or cinnamon
70g gluten-free flour (I use almond or coconut, or a mix of both)
Pinch of sea salt or pink salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
40g melted coconut oil
1 can good-quality coconut milk
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius (356 F)
Peel and chop up the apples/pears into small squares.
To the apples/pears, add the ginger, lemon juice, maple syrup, and vanilla. Mix well.
In a separate bowl, combine all the dry ingredients well, and then add the coconut oil.
With your hands, mix it all together until it forms a crumble. If it's too dry, add a bit more oil. The clumpier, the better.
Place the apples in a well-oiled baking dish and use your fingers to crumble the crumble on top. 😉
Cover with aluminium foil and bake for 20-25 minutes. Then, uncover and bake for another 20-25 minutes.
Remove from oven and allow to cool.
Keeps covered in the fridge for 2 days.
For the coconut cream:
Chill the coconut milk in the fridge the night before making this recipe.
Scoop out the thickened cream and leave the liquid behind. You can use the liquid for smoothies.
Beat with a mixer until thick and creamy.
Feel free to add powdered sugar or vanilla to the cream.
Use immediately, or chill in the fridge until the crumble is ready.
The amount of sugar you use might depend on the sweetness of the apples.
This dish makes a great breakfast option when paired with yoghurt.
You can also have this dessert with vegan vanilla ice-cream.
LikeLizzie · 27.10.2020 17:00:54
Tine This morning I made almond milk.
After several years of struggle, I finally managed to drink milk rarely and now what bugs me is that we create so much trash with the packaging of soy or almond milk.
So last night I soaked 200g of almonds in cold water.
This morning I blended them with warm water and strained it through a "cheesecloth" (no idea what this fine fabric is called in English...)
I got about 2 litres out of it. And the rest of the almonds will be part of the vegan apple cake I am Read more… going to make in the evening.
The tricky bit is most likely to get a blender that is strong enough, so you end up with both milk and almond flour. The finer the result, the more almond milk you get out of it. I think really good smoothie blenders will do the trick. We have a model from the 60ies which works really well too.
With our blender 100g of almonds for 1litre of almond milk is enough.
LikeCandy · 06.10.2020 9:54:46
Tine @Candy The coconut flatbread looks super tasty. I have all kinds of ingredients at home, but no coconut flour, which just was written onto the shopping list—psyllium husk I had to translate first before locating it in our shelves. 🙂
I just remembered a vegetarian/ vegan/ pescatarian dish that is fun to do in a group and is easily adjusted to all eating habits: Sushi.
As the rice is cooling down, we usually cut the toppings/ filling. Then everyone gets to create something they like: cucumber, Read more… avocado, sesame seeds, fried onion, beetroot, rocket leaves, all kinds of pickles maybe pear for the more adventurous ones.
If you are really hungy you can have a miso soup on the side.
LikeCandy, Bjoern, luzcanavepo and 1 more… · 01.10.2020 17:27:12
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On Abuse and "Spirituality" - By Jeff Foster
"You attracted it because you desired it".
"If you think there's a problem with another's words or actions,
YOU are the one who's confused"."Everything is just your projection. Everything is in your mind".
"Clear up your vibration and you'll stop attracting bad things to yourself".
"You are too attached to the body. Go beyond the body. It's not who you are."
"If you have doubts, fears, resistance, pain, anger, then you must be in your ego and totally Read more…unenlightened".
"The past is an illusion. Let it go right now!".
Ugh. I'm so tired of all this New Age spiritual bullshit.
I'm tired of ANY spirituality that doesn't fully honour
our messy, unresolvable, first-hand, real-time, embodied human experience.
That doesn't bow deeply to the struggle of our raw and tender hearts.
That guilt-trips us for our imperfections and shames our limitations.
No, it's not always your projection.
Yes, sometimes other people really ARE abusive and need to be stopped.
No, everything isn't always "in your mind".
Yes, your body matters. Your feelings too.
No, your doubts and fears are not 'wrong' or 'bad' or 'unevolved'.
No, you do not 'attract' abuse through a faulty 'vibrational frequency'.
No, you do not deserve to be violated in any way, in the name of Truth, in the name of God, in the name of Love, or IN ANY OTHER NAME.
Yes, your boundaries deserve to be respected, your 'yes' AND your 'no' too.
No, it's not okay for spiritual teachers to abuse people "for their own good"
- to shock them into awakening, to enlighten them, to help them drop their "ego".
Teachers that use abuse as a tool are simply abusers, not teachers.
I reject any spirituality that dismisses our tender, vulnerable, fragile humanity.
I reject any spirituality that shames us for our precious human thoughts and feelings.
I reject any spirituality that begins any sentence with "If you were enlightened..."
I reject any spirituality that divides self from no self, divine from human, sacred from profane, absolute from relative, heaven from earth, duality from nonduality, material from spiritual.
I once saw a popular spiritual teacher addressing a recently bereaved woman.
He said, "Your heartbreak is illusory and only the activity of the separate self.
One day the separate self will vanish, along with all suffering".
And in that moment, I saw a deep, deep sickness and inhumanity at the heart of contemporary spirituality. The invalidation of trauma, the false promises, the power games, the suppression of the feminine.
And I vowed to bow to that fucking broken heart as if it were God Herself.
Until the end of time.
- Jeff Foster
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Terabyte Thanks for sharing this i am really touched because many at time i fall a victim to this and its indeed a negative energy Thanks for sharing this i am really touched because many at time i fall a victim to this and its indeed a negative energy
Like · 14.08.2020 16:40:53
Lizzie Thank you for sharing @Candy - Abuse is always horrific and inexcusable, and when connected to spirituality it's so exploitative of a vulnerable state of mind. It's scary to see how often it has been used by spiritual leaders as a way to take advantage and exercise power over people who put their trust in them.
A really powerful message! Thank you for sharing @Candy - Abuse is always horrific and inexcusable, and when connected to spirituality it's so exploitative of a vulnerable state of mind. It's scary to see how often it has been used by spiritual leaders as a way to take advantage and exercise power over people who put their trust in them.
A really powerful message!
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Self-Love... 😊✍

How wonderful! 😊✨

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Share a weird thing you like to do that makes you happy :)

@waihong Haha😂😂 How wonderful!

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@HumanbeingI am so so glad this letter found you and resonated with you as it did with me. My hope when sharing this was that someone out there would want to hear this and take what they need from it.
This is a safe space, and you're most welcome to open up to any degree you feel comfortable
Congratulations also on your sobriety! I know how hard that journey is and I commend you for your bravery.
The person who wrote this letter, Jeff Foster, is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend his Read more… books and teachings.
I wish you all the very best too and remember, always follow your heart ❤️

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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR VULNERABLE HEART (From a letter to a friend)
“Your vulnerability is a gift, my love, of course. But please, offer it only to those who truly want it, tender it only to those who sincerely appreciate it and can offer their own tenderness in return, otherwise you will hurt yourself in the long run, and a kind of lonely, resentful despair will take root. Give your precious fragility to those who truly desire – and are willing - to step into a sacred field of deep listening with Read more…you, who want to work hard with you to create a safe, empathic, trustworthy and enduring connection. This will not happen overnight. It will take more than words. It will take time. Months. Years, maybe. Perhaps decades.
As you are learning, it’s easy to talk about vulnerability. It’s easy to say “I love you”, and speak convincing, uplifting, inspiring words about closeness, love, empathy, deep connection, and “sharing our hearts”. We feel good speaking these words and we want to believe in them. But words are meaningless, empty, unless they are proven in the crucible of connection. Let us not live in hope, and let us not merely pay lip service to the idea of closeness. True friendship, which is love, asks of us our blood, sweat and tears, and even “empaths” can have trouble with being empathic, as you are finding out.
Here is the truth: Some beings want your vulnerability and some do not. Some are willing to put in the work, and some are not. Some can handle your vulnerability, and some cannot, at this point in their lives, anyway. Some will say they want your truth and your love and your friendship, but are incapable of actually offering or receiving it. (No judgement here. We all can be more or less self-absorbed or narcissistic at different times in our lives, can’t we?)
At worst, those who do not want your vulnerability will ignore it, shame it, or blame you for feeling how you feel, needing what you need and thinking what you think. They will use your vulnerability against you, break your trust and break your heart, ridicule you for being how you are, even call you names. You will leave interactions feeling reduced, unworthy, unheard, unsafe. You may end up blaming yourself, but this may just be a sign that you need more protection from such a person, better boundaries, more space, less closeness.
Listen to your body.
Yes, if you listen to your body, you will learn who to open your heart to and who to distance yourself from emotionally and even physically. You will learn who is safe, and who is not, despite all the words. You will sense - energetically - who is truly ready and willing to receive the gift of your vulnerability, and who is not. Who truly wants your fragile, open heart, and who does not.
It’s okay to draw and redraw boundary lines over time. (Your boundaries are an expression of your power). It's okay to share more then to decide to share less. To open up, and to close down again as you gather new information and perspective. To take one step forwards… and two steps back. Love loves the opening and the closing too, the forwards and the backwards of the dance of intimacy. You do not have to be vulnerable with everyone you meet, and especially not when you first meet them. You do not have to share your heart – your truth, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your dreams, your hopes and your fears - until you feel ready, and you may never feel ready, and that’s okay. Don’t let anyone pressure you into opening up. You do not owe anyone anything at all. (And remember, you don’t have to share anything with me that you don’t feel safe to share, dear one. Anything at all, ever.)
Your vulnerability is a gift you can give to those who have proved they are ready, willing, and able to receive it. Sometimes you may have to learn through trial and error. You may feel you have shared too much, so you can pull back. Or perhaps you will find the courage to offer a little more vulnerability than before, and see how it’s received. You will spot patterns over time. You will see how someone responds to your open heart. You will not be able to see everything in the beginning. Hope and the mind’s fantasies of love can blind you. Stay connected to your gut. It will not lie.
When you find someone who can truly receive your vulnerability, over time, and can offer their open heart in return, rejoice! As you know, it is this safe, empathic, consistent and reliable relational field, this sacred space that accepts us exactly as we are, brokenness and all - in other words, the presence of God - that ultimately heals our deepest trauma.... whether you find this warm love in a friend… or a lover, a partner, a family member, a therapist, a healer, a pet, an imaginary figure of light, a two hundred year old tree… or in the deepest recesses of your own beautiful self….
So yes, your vulnerability is a precious gift, my love, but to whom are you offering it? Who has the maturity, courage, trustworthiness and strength to fully receive it, and consistently reflect it back to you? Who truly wants you, the authentic you, the unmasked you, the raw and unfiltered and imperfect you? Who simply talks about love and empathy and connection and family… and who actually does the hard work of meeting you, deeply listening to you, valuing and honouring you, in a real and embodied way? These are the questions you are being guided towards now, my love, as you rediscover your true worth…”
- Jeff Foster
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Lizzie @Candy - thank you for sharing this letter, and @Humanbeing - thank you for sharing a bit about your story and how the letter resonated with you. 🧡
It can sometimes be equally inspiring to read how a certain text or topic made someone feel as reading the actual text itself. This is indeed a safe space, and sharing and opening up can be such a great experience too. 🙌 @Candy - thank you for sharing this letter, and @Humanbeing - thank you for sharing a bit about your story and how the letter resonated with you. 🧡
It can sometimes be equally inspiring to read how a certain text or topic made someone feel as reading the actual text itself. This is indeed a safe space, and sharing and opening up can be such a great experience too. 🙌
Like · 10.07.2020 11:54:10
Candy @HumanbeingI am so so glad this letter found you and resonated with you as it did with me. My hope when sharing this was that someone out there would want to hear this and take what they need from it.
This is a safe space, and you're most welcome to open up to any degree you feel comfortable
Congratulations also on your sobriety! I know how hard that journey is and I commend you for your bravery.
The person who wrote this letter, Jeff Foster, is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend his Read more… books and teachings.
I wish you all the very best too and remember, always follow your heart ❤️
LikeLizzie, Calvin77, joanna and 1 more… · 08.07.2020 15:22:26
Humanbeing Thankyou so very much for this! Truly you have no idea just how much EVERYTHING just resonated with me! I'm truly speechless almost. I really have been, Inspite of having a large family, feeling quite alone lately. See I've only just recently more or less confirmed that I am highly on the "empath" spectrum. And having never known this about myself I've my whole life since a late teen pulled back from even family members at certain parts in my life. Then I kinda in my late 20s really messed up Read more… on drugs around the time my mother passed and things with my family have never really recovered. Now at 41 and three years clean I'm so desperately trying to mend relationships which hasn't been easy at all. And nothing in particular lve done wrong by them (though I did plenty) or any real outstanding resentments either way, it's just been so hard reconnecting and I just know at least with certain family members they would like this I so strongly feel. It's just become so complicated I guess. Anyways lol it did mention here not to open up to people especially ones you don't know lol, just wanted you to know how truly timely, I guess even synchronisticaly, this found me. Thankyou so much I feel like just showing my family this letter and let it stand! Lol. But I know it's on me I know to earn much and this I believe, I know! kinda got me to realise I've been going about this in such a wrong headed way. So again thankyou! All the best in the world!
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Complex harmony