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Club Ich Bin

Club Ich Bin is a health and wellbeing club with a unique mentality and design. It offers you space not only to practice but to create an experience for yourself to lead to personal growth. In this club, there are various activities and spaces that you can use to nurture yourself for your mental wellbeing as well as your health. There are Movement Therapy rooms as well as private therapy rooms, a Finnish Sauna, a kitchen-office, reading area, terrace and rooms for talks, courses and workshops. You can attend the activities and use these areas as well as book a retreat for a specific plan to improve your health, both mental and physical.

A wide range of selection of activities is available at Club Ich Bin to create a personalized practice. The schedule offers Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga classes often, along with various movement therapies and exercises, belly dance, pilates, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Different price and ticket options are available to choose so you can customize your practices according to your budget.

Club Ich Bin offers also very well designed retreats for different levels and preferences. Finding both meditation and yoga retreats is possible. Various packs offer different experiences such as a yoga retreat weekend pack for couples, women's retreat, restorative week and detox week pack. Some of the retreats are designed to focus more on mental wellbeing while some are for people who'd like to work mainly on their bodies and health wellbeing. It's possible to enjoy the Finnish Sauna or massage sessions with some of the packs. For the ones who're looking for an even more energetic and flexible retreat plan, there's a pack that combines classes with a Barcelona city experience opportunity.

This centre speaks to anyone who's looking for improving their wellbeing and health either with physical practices or mental and spiritual practices. In this centre, it's possible to focus on either of them, make a combination easily or choose a retreat that already offers a selection of blends.


Calle Girona 46. Principal
Barcelona, 08013


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