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Hi my name is Julius, I am founder of It is my intention to bring more joy into our world and help us become more conscious as one global humanity.

I believe that we can co-create a fantastic future together and I would love to support this with our unique community here. If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions or blessings please send them my way :-)

My vocation

To me happiness is the feeling of freedom and excitement for a future where everything is possible. A certain peace of mind is also nice to have and the ability to give and receive love freely.

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Find me here offers you ...

On you can find many interesting classifieds in Barcelona. On you can also find a big forum where you can share your interests and find like-minded people. 
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Bring back that Inner Child inside you

Congratulations on following your heart's calling! I love what you are sharing here and also subscribed to your channel. Feel free to post your videos here as well. Youtube videos can also be shared in the status updates.

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Do you have a night routine?

My input is not really on night routine, but some basic learning I made in regards to quality sleep. I bought an a few years ago to measure and improve my sleep. For me it was really insightful and has definitely added to some healthier routines:
In general I aim to go to bed Read more… at similar times and not too far off the natural daylight rhythms, also always have 8+ hours of bedtime.
I changed all my screens to suppress blue lights after 8pm to not mess with melatonin production, which is important to become sleepy and not wake up much
Alcohol has a big impact on the resting heart rate. Even one beer an hour before bed takes a few hours of increased heart activity before the alcohol is washed out of the blood. So I only drink when i really feel like it.
I usually don't eat after 8 or 9pm so that the digestive system is not busy processing the meal in the first hours of sleep. Late meals have a impact on the resting heart rate in the first hour of sleep, this is usually the time of deep sleep.
If possible I try to do sport a few times a week or at least do something like 10.000 steps per day, because physical activity during the day improves the deep sleep.
On one point I tried using non psychoactive CBD-oil drops to calm me down before bed-time. I thought they were helpful.
I keep the bedroom as tidy as possible. They say the less things you have in there and the more orderly it is, the better for your sleep. I also often air my room for 15 minutes before going to bed to ensure amply oxygen supply during the night.
We live in a noisy neighborhood, so I tried a white-noise (which is supposed to improve sleep) or ambient sounds sounds during the night. Didn't feel a strong difference though and it hasn't become part of my routine.
When I have trouble falling asleep or unwinding, I often to deep diaphragmatic breathing. Box breathing (4-5 second in, 4-5 second retain, 4-5 second out, 4-5 second retain, etc.) is also really helpful for calming the heart which then calms the mind.
Lastly I recently learned that the gut health is very important for good sleep. As mentioned in my post here taking care of your microbiome has a very big impact on your sleep.
As you can tell, I spent a lot of time on this subject But I have to say it was totally worth it. While I can become quite passionate at times, it is definitely not one of these never ending self improvement obsessions, but just a form of self care. Sleep is tremendously important for the brain and has one of the biggest impacts on our happiness. I think continuously learning and experimenting on this subject is really beneficial for my overall well-being.
I hope my findings can help you too 🙂

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How to help elderly people struggling with loneliness

Reading your comments fills my heart with joy, so nice to hear your stories @AnandKoodali and @Tine
A few years ago I met this guy in England who created - a now global - movement to end loneliness of senior citizens. Check out these videos:
They now have more than 14.000 volunteers and also a few Read more… chapters here in Barcelona:

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I have been obsessed with the microbiome in the last 6 months and I am slowly beginning to understand how this fits into the bigger thread of our purpose with

Having had years of stress, digestion issues, sleeping problems, occasional anxiety, Read more… depressive moods and memory issues, it just recently dawned to me that all of those might have been connected and none of them have been my fault in the sense that I could have fixed it on a mental level. When you have a dysbiosis of your gut microbiota, it literally impacts on any of these issues. I was astonished to learn that 90% of serotonin, which is also coined the happiness hormone is produced in your gut! If you have leaky gut or ibs, your brain will simply starve of such happiness bringing neurotransmitters and you will become more receptive for stress. Similarly impactful is the connection to you sleep, when there are problems in your gut, you won’t produce enough melatonin to get sleepy or not sleep through, which in return results in impeded brain development and neurogenesis and more depression. It’s a vicious cycle and one we are just beginning to understand, because most of the common over the counter or standard pharmaceutical interventions on any of those symptoms are medications that are actually further disturbing your microbiome and deteriorating your immune system and health!

I highly recommend anyone interested in their own or other people’s well-being to watch this video and further educate yourself on this emerging topic. It is absolutely fascinating and so natural and simpel to follow: reduce processed foods and cook more often, stay away from antibiotics (they are also found in most fish and meat...), eat lots of fruits and vegetables from healthy soils (meaning no pesticide monoculture like for example many wheats) and many fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, etc. fast regularly, eat plenty of fibers, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol and do things that are reducing stress like yoga, meditation, exercise, nature walks, etc. whatever works for you.

Happiness might not be solely a mental problem to fix, but rather the consequence of returning to a simple and more natural life! Personally I found this extremely relieving, because many if of not all of our moods are most likely nothing that is ultimately in our control and therefore we don’t need to identify with and feel guilty for them. Maybe after all they are just a symptom, which in return makes it much much easier to treat those affected including oneself with compassion and understanding.

Good night and sleep well - your microbiome depends on it ;)
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One of my favorite guided meditations
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The last few weeks have been quite challenging, again. I am feeling work is too much, I often get frustrated and short tempered, I feel stressed about being behind and unsatisfied with so many things I see around me. Being on a holiday with my dad has brought up its own share of childhood dynamics Read more… and often I felt like a victim not able to deal with the emotions I felt.

I didn't like being in those states, I rejected the feeling, I was hoping they would pass, but they came back over and over, they wanted to be felt, they have a right to be there.

This morning I did the yoga class I shared before and a huge wave of sadness just swept through me and I let it happen while continuing with the practice. This experience and the whole rest of the class was very relieving and I notice how important it is to tap into all these stored up energies in our body every now and then.

I always forget what lightness feels like when I am covered in all the stuff, which I so easily accumulated in a fast paced life without regular practice and time for reflection.

Now I feel it again and its so worth it, to shake it all off. Its the returning to health and sanity, really, but it has to done over and over again until the practice becomes a natural habit - especially in difficult times like now.

Inspired by this experience and as a commitment to myself I wanna make a commitment to a 30 day yoga challenge. This has been day 1, may there be 29 more! I have never done this publicly, so I am excited about it! And after all, this is what is for, right!? ;)

I will keep you posted!
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One of my favorite youtube yoga classes. Must have done this one at least 50 times - try it out, it will change your day ;)
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Hältst Ordnung du, hält Ordnung dich.
If you keep order, order keeps you.
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“If You Are Able to Relax”

The way experience one’s state of being is simply to relax. In this case relaxation is quite different from the setting-sun idea of flopping or taking time off, entertaining yourself with a good vacation. Relaxation here refers to relaxing the mind, letting go of the Read more… anxiety and concepts and depression that normally bind you. In meditation you are neither “for” nor “against” your experience. That is, you don’t praise some thoughts and condemn others, but you take an unbiased approach. You let things be as they are, without judgment, and in that way you yourself learn to be, to express your existence, directly, non-conceptually.

If you are able to relax—relax to a cloud by looking at it, relax to a drop of rain and experience its genuineness—you can see the unconditionality of reality, which remains very simply in things as they are, very simply. When you are able to look at things without saying, “This is for me or against me, I can go along with this”, or “I cannot go along with this,” then you are experiencing a state of wisdom.

You may see a fly buzzing: you may see a snowflake; you may see ripples of water; you may see a black widow spider. You may see anything, but you can actually look at all of those things with simple and ordinary, but appreciative, perception.

You experience a vast realm of perceptions unfolding. There is unlimited sound, unlimited sight, unlimited taste, unlimited feeling and so on. The realm of perception is limitless, so limitless that perception itself is primordial, unthinkable, beyond thought. There are so many perceptions that they are beyond imagination. There are a vast number of sounds. There are sounds that you have never heard. There are sights and colors that you have never seen. There are feelings that you have never experienced before. There are endless fields of perception.

Normally, we limit the meaning of perceptions…in other words, we fit what we see into a comfortable or familiar scheme. We shut any vastness or possibilities of deeper perception out of our hearts by fixating on our own interpretation of phenomena. But it is possible to go beyond personal interpretation, to let vastness into our hearts through the medium of perception. We always have a choice: We can limit our perception so that we close off vastness, or we can allow vastness to touch us.

When we draw down the power and depth of vastness into a single perception, then we are discovering and invoking magic. By magic we do not mean unnatural power over the phenomenal world, but rather the discovery of innate or primordial wisdom in the world as it is.

– Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior

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