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Mindfulness Center

Mindfulness Centre is run by psychologist/psychotherapist Amy Holden, who is also a certified teacher in mindfulness. Amy discovered mindfulness after a period of stress, depression and anxiety during her psychology training. When she realised the profoundly powerful effects the practice had on her life after establishing her own mindfulness practice, Amy continued her studies and created Mindfulness Centre to be able to share it with others. Amy also works with women and families through pregnancy and fertility, birth traumas, postpartum, and infant mental health.

Mindfulness is the process of bringing one's attention to the present moment and staying with that experience. One can learn mindfulness through attentional training such as meditation, and gentle yoga stretches to reduce stress and improve physical and mental health. Evidence shows that mindfulness practice is a holistic way to restore balance and serenity.

Mindfulness Centre aims to heartily support emotional and physical health and wellbeing using mindfulness and mindfulness-based psychotherapy practices.

Mindfulness Centre offers courses and customised seminars and mindfulness workshops at alternative healing places, yoga studios and within companies.

Individual therapy at Mindfulness Centre is based on mindfulness psychotherapy that aims to support and help people build essential skills such as relaxation, less stress, resilience, self-compassion and coping mechanisms. The model is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It's one based on evidence, led by mindfulness and derived from cognitive behavioural practice.

The 8-week MBRS/MBCT course offered at Mindfulness Centre is a mindfulness-based course that involves 2.5 hours per week of psycho-education, attention training and practical activities such as yoga-based stretching. Course benefits include reduced pain, prevention of depression, reduced stress and anxiety, increased wellbeing.

For further information, and to visit the Mindfulness Centre, please contact Amy at or +34 650 695 721.


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